How not to become the type of man whom Latvian girl would never pay attention at

So, you want to conquer woman’s attention, but you don’t know how and it does not matter whether this is Latvian woman or woman of other nationality. If you are looking for how to interest woman or how to win her attention you whether are too young and have no experience or you have problems with self-esteem. If the second option is yours – you have a problem, but this is not a tragedy and you have to work on you to solve this problem.

No we can give the first answer to the question which men Latvian women do not like: Latvian women do not like non-confident men. Non-confidence comes from low self-esteem. To rise self esteem man has to be successful in what he is doing – a job, own business, own project or a hobby which takes most of his time. The best when business which man is doing brings pleasure and income. For example, a surfer loves to do what he is doing, but at the same time he works as an instructor – both pleasure and money make him feel happy and wake up early when the sun rise up. And the second option – a bank clerk. He hates to wake up for work, cup of coffee and cigarette makes him even more nervous, he has millions of tasks every day and gets pretty low salary, women from management department does not even pay attention to him – this is typical guy with low self-esteem whose chances are high to finish with panic attacks and alcohol. To be confident man has to find a business he likes and improve it within every day. The rest will come itself – enjoyment, money, rise up of self-esteem, respect of women and interest of women towards such a man.

Latvian women hate guys who rather talk than act. In the eyes of woman confident man looks like the one who is able to take his own decisions. Of course, you can inform your woman about your plans, but you have to act yourself and take your own decisions. If you only talk and talk, but not do anything to fulfill your dreams into reality – woman would not pay attention to you as at man she would like to be with. Most chances for you to remain in a friend zone. By the way, do you know how women choose men for friends and for lovers? Friend talks and talks and she likes to talk with such a guy, but nothing more, but lover acts, he is the man, he excites her, he is reliable and she feels safe with such a guy that is why she wants to be with him.

If you want Latvian woman pay attention to you, you have to be neat, take a shower, use good perfumes, have your own style which expresses and additionally emphasizes what kind of person you are. If woman does not like you when she first met you – this is just not your woman. Did you hear women choose men by body smell? This is some man’s odor type by which woman can recognize whether man is genetically compatible for her and what kind of health he has to create future family. Ok, when some woman didn’t like you, because it happens, but if most of girls don’t pay attention to you? Check your body at first. If you have beer belly, small hands with no muscles, fat cheeks and waist fat which reminds rescue tire – you are not attractive to any average woman. Maybe you can cause compassion, but not admiration or sexual interest. Work on your body as Latvian women do not like men who have fat body as this means they don’t work on themselves.

If you don’t want to irritate Latvian woman, you can’t boast other women in front of her, telling they are better in something, they are looking better or stuff like that. Even if some woman is very good in something, you can’t compare your Latvian girl with that woman, because only your girl is the best in everything and is the only one for you (even if in reality this is not like that).

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