How not to become hated by Chilean woman

I hardly can remember a country where one can meet so much variable types of women. From blonde to dark brunette, from Scandinavian type blue eyes to black velvet eyes and thick fire black long hair. I am talking about Chilean women.

Recently I have stumbled upon a fashion magazine, a men’s magazine, actually – and inside I have found many incredible photos of different beautiful ladies, where most of all, by the way, were from the Latin America. Several photos showed unique beauty of Chilean women. I had strong desire to share this beauty and spread the word by showing this magazine to my friend. He has been fascinated by girls of Chile so much that he even decided to find Chilean woman for himself.

To start communication with a woman you like, even if she lives on another continent is not problematic nowadays, thanks to Internet. But for prolonging relations between you and your love you will have to take into consideration that this is very uneasy. Love relationships cannot develop without personal meeting in real life. When you and your woman live in different parts of our planet such a meeting becomes very problematic for both of you. But if there is a true love between you, then go on and find the way out! Love will conquer all difficulties, as many say. I wished good luck to my friend and so his intentions fulfilled into real life.

I have had an experience of communication with Chilean girls when I was in Bolivia. I cannot say that this fact gives me the right to judge about the true nature of these women, but I really can tell my personal opinion about them.

If you want to start relations with Chilean women you have to know several features about them. Chilean woman loves her country very much, so if you will discuss Chile and express negative opinions about the country, treat her homeland rudely and without respect, then this woman will stop communication with you one and for all. And, of course, she will never forgive you that awful words, which have been referred to her native country.

Chilean woman is rather temperamental, with strong character, – may be because in her pretty body flows the blood of the Mapuche Indians? By the way, this is the only nation in Latin America which neither the Spaniards nor the Incas could not manage to conquer. So if you decide to influence Chilean woman, or making her doing what she does not want, – she will better go away from you.

Chilean women are sufficiently educated because their parents do not save money on education for their children and that is why the Chileans are perfectly aware of their rights and women of the country will not tolerate humiliation or inappropriate attitudes on the part of men.

Chilean women love to kiss very much, they are very passionate and that is why they cannot be together with a man of cold temperament, low flow body or slow and boring person.

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