How Lithuanian women are different from American

American women and Lithuanian women both share values of Western culture and live in similar environment of democracy, open minds, acceptance of different points of view and people of who they are. Both American and Lithuanian women have emancipated views for life and struggle for the equality with men in everything. Those are similarities of Lithuanians and Americans, but in the USA those liberated freedom movements has started long ago and strengthened enough while Lithuania was for a long time under Soviet Union where any freedom of choice was under the threat of total destroy. Nowadays the situation has changed dramatically as Lithuania is equal member of the European Union and shares it’s all freedoms which are similar to American. The new generation of people has grown in Lithuania, people who were born and raised in free European Lithuania and their points of view and the way they see the life are not much different from average American counterpart of their age. This concerns both – boys and girls.

Those were common things about Lithuanian and American women but probably differences’ are more interesting to explore, right? So, main difference between American and Lithuanian woman is an appearance. Lithuanian women are almost all very pretty, having model looking faces, slim figures and it sometimes seems you are at the model show but not walking the streets of Vilnius or Klaipeda. You can’t say the same about most of American women, right? In the U.S. many women do not care about their figure and about themselves and pretty girl wins her attention really fast, but pretty girl in the U.S. is nothing to compare with Lithuanian pretty woman, as Lithuanian still wins the points. Read also: Lithuanian dating services: help or disappointment?

The second BIG difference between Lithuanian women and American women is how they are dressed. Lithuanian women dress up very stylish, their clothes could be not expensive, but fit them great, are stylish and emphasize their natural beauty. Lithuanian women are dressed perfectly everywhere – at work and in casual life, at home and when they go to the shopping mall. And what do you see in America? In America most of women do not care about their appearance, clothes and body at all. Such an attitude correlates with the idea that woman is beautiful everywhere and anytime and there is no need to dress up well as it is also a part of personal freedom as woman has the right to be as she is. Yes, this all is ok and it everyone has right to choose what he/she likes including what to wear and stuff, but I am just saying it is much more pleasant to observe pretty young Lithuanian woman with little emphasizing make up, in a good dress, walking down the street and smell her great perfume odor rather than observe young American girl, who already has problems with overweight and therefore with health, wearing shapeless pants and eating hamburger.

One more difference between American and Lithuanian girls is how they see their place in the world. Lithuanian woman is independent and respects herself and her time, but this independence is different than the one of American woman. Lithuanian woman has different goals in life. She can make a career, but having family is very important to her and takes major place. American woman can be focused rather on herself and she feels alright living without family, husband and children and the main her goal is self improvement and satisfaction that she thinks she can achieve without family and everything that is related. I am not saying this applies to all American women, but such moods often prevail among American women.

American women are more open in their wishes. They know what they want to get from life and do not afraid to tell about it loudly. Lithuanian women like to hide their real wishes and sometimes are unconfident, for example, to tell their men what they want; at the last times situation is changing and Lithuanian women are getting more open, but as for now this difference between American and Lithuanian women could be named. Read also: Are Lithuanian women good enough to become a wife of American?

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