How Japanese women are different from American, European?

The Japanese are considered to be one of the most enigmatic and unordinary nations on the Earth. Girls from Japan attract arouse intense interest among men from different countries. Let’s find out what is special in Japanese women.


The main difference between Japanese and American girls lies in the appearance – unusual, but so attractive. Petite figure, small palms, and feet, delicate fingers, cute long slanted eyes – all these peculiarities of Japanese girls make them look sweet and charming. Also, Japanese girls contribute much time to grooming, they spend hours on everyday beauty routine and makeup. In result, they look rosebud, really sleek and pampered, with smooth pale skin and shining hair.

Thanks to cared-for appearance, natural grace, and slight girlish figure, the woman from the land of the rising sun always look feminine and elegant, even if they wear jeans and t-shirt.

Differences in behavior and manners

Traditionally, Japanese parents instill in their daughters some specific personality traits from early childhood. Girls are taught to be polite, well-conducted, respectful to others, and modest.

Maiden in relationships always respects boyfriend, his friends, and his family; unlike women from other countries, in Japan woman treats man’s parents as her own mum and dad. In overall, girls in Japan are tender and a bit shy (but not stiff), gentle and well-mannered, not so perky, as their age-mates from the rest of world.

When it comes to long-term relationships, Japanese women also have the edge over other females. Comparing to Europeans and Americans, Japanese women may seem a little bit old-fashioned, but actually, they become great wives and mothers, devoted to their families, homily and house-proud. In relation to husbands, Japanese wives are complaisant, cheerfully obliging, always ready to give all their love and support.

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