How Italian tycoon was looking for lover girl in Belarus

Belarusian journalist disguised as Apennine rich man began hunting for Belarusian girls. How many of them were tempted by the high status of the tycoon and hid strong financial position? Results of comic experiment coincided with the findings of the actual foreign businessman. Many know of growing sex tourism in Belarus and how usually marriage of Belarus woman with foreign women gentlemen ends up. Internet is full of all sorts of stories that were told by professionals and direct heroes.

Do Belarus women like Italians? Especially rich Italians… That is what journalist aimed to find out. The question, how many women in Belarus today are tempted by the welfare of foreigner consent to the marriage or at least an intimate acquaintance with him, remains open. To become Italian millionaire Belarusian journalist have created profile on the popular dating site where more than 200 thousand frofiles of Belarusian women and men are registered.

In tycoon profile a dummy photo of an attractive and a little-known international artist was placed. His fictional age was 44 year and fake Italia has got the name Luciano. Under the heading he identified in English: “I’m an Italian man. I want to meet with Belarusian woman. I have a lot of money, but there is no love.” Under the heading “accessories” he wrote that he drives “Maybach 62”.

“Bongiorno”, that is how we greeted with attractive, in our view, girls and were waiting for a response from them. But, surprisingly, not every Belarusian girl tempted to such familiarity. Only 8 out of the 50 girls responded.

One of them, 28-year-old Eve, in her application form stated, “I’m not some kind of cheap, who will run to you for $ 200.” That’s how we began our correspondence with Eve.

Tycoon, “Bongiorno”

Eve, “Meeting for 1000 euros”

I almost stunned: what audacity! So much even elite prostitutes do not ask. Eve asked Eve to send me photos, obviously, in the profile she hid her real face. Ten minutes later I received e-mail. Eve was Katya. On the photograph was a vulgar woman who climbed on the swing and tried to lure tycoon Luciano with short legs splayed sloppy. In this introduction was over.

On the offer to meet willingly and quickly responded another “senorita” under nickname Nixe. In the photo she was sitting in a bathing suit on the beach. No mention of the provision of sexual services in the Nixe’s profile. On my “Bongiorno!” she answered, “$200”. Huh, real love.

Six more attractive girls just agreed to date in Minsk. Like, first I’ll see you, and then decide what to do with you, Luciano. Most light-hearted was 21-year-old cosmetics seller Lyudmila. Attractive brunette expressed condolences that an attractive 44-year-old man has not yet found love and fathered children. She agreed to meet in Minsk and to negotiate bilaterally. Everything was as it should be, but I lost the ideological balance and completely switched to Russian.

“You do not seem to be Italian, finish this masquerade”, wrote Ludmila and decided to suspend conversation. At the same time, my competitor, 41-year-old Turk Erdogan, left hearts on her profile. He drew smiles of girls and had picture on the back of which was the kiosk with shawarma. Yes, probably, one foreigner lost another. Competition! And I was counting the modest results of hunting and stated that not every Belarusian girl has the dollar in each eye. I could not for sure answer the question do Belarus women like Italians, but must admit it seems they like every foreigner. At least those girls who registered at dating sites. I’m not sure do Belarusian women have sex with Italians, Turks, Arabs and representatives of other countries, but some of them explicitly wrote the price and I assume the others after expensive date, if foreign partner will be romantic and spend money for club, flowers or, maybe even some present, will agree to go to bed with foreigner. That is reality of Belarus nowadays.

Belarus Internet easy going girl is somewhat like sex machine

Some Russian dating sites allow representatives of the oldest profession to create special intimate page. There they indicate that they want to find a sponsor, exhibit rates, post erotic pictures, and so on. Belarusian girls are very eager to use these pages. For the experiment, we covered by all the same foreign tycoon tried to start a conversation with a dozen of these prostitutes. All of them, as it turned out, did not speak foreign languages and can not keep the conversation going. Impression like you are chating not to a womman, but a rubber sexual machine.

Foreign businessman: “In Belarus, there are not much girls at the same time beautiful and good in character”

Probably, some of the girls got to the core idea of a foreign tycoon and instead to support the conversation, simply smiled. Such thoughts have visited us after the experiment. However, the familiar Asian businessman Mr. Lu Xiang, name and surname of the person are changed because of his high status, has confirmed some of the results of our experiment.

Businessman helped to meet more than one dozen delegations from Asia and more than once witnessed as foreign guests tried to strike up an acquaintance with the Belarusian girl.

– Mr. Lou, I have prepared material on sex tourism, do you think, is it possible to say that in Minsk there is such a thing?

– A few days ago I came from Shanghai. There any tourist can get acquainted with a woman easier. In Minsk, there are no conditions for sex tourism, there are no massage parlors, where such services may be provided.

– Sometimes you meet a delegations. Probably wealthy people are coming as well, sometimes they probably are trying to get dating with girls in Belarus. How do they get it?

– Any man after drinking may have intimate desires. One of the five, but always has the desire to relax with a woman. But not all female person agree.

Recently, we visited a strip club Minsk. Man, whom I accompanied, liked the girl who danced erotic dance. After he met her and asked how much she earns. Said that $ 1,000 per month. He offered her $ 500 per night, but she refused. Then he was advised to go to any taxi driver, that man did. He paid the driver $ 100, and he took him to places where there are prostitutes in Minsk. Man found what he wanted.

– Do you know many places in Minsk, where one can find easy girls?

– Such places exist in any country other than Muslim, where, as I have heard, for the prostitution people are publicly punished. The interesting thing is that now, in the evening, many attractive girls pass through. And at night they disappear, and to find beauty among prostitutes is not so simple. Although the Minsk city has a few places where a special women work. Anyway, it seems that there are much less prostitutes in Minsk than people who want to use their services.

– You spend much time in Belarus and say that there are a lot of beautiful girls. Would you like to marry a Belarusian woman?

– Used to be sure that will marry Belarus woman only. But now I understand that to find in Belarus girl at the same time beautiful and with a good character is very difficult. Life will show.

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We have made conclusion that to exploit Belarusian girls sexually prevent even such factors as poor development of tourism and visa problems. There are different types of Belarusian girls. Those, who live their life, have jobs and families and want to live in Belarus only, never dreaming about foreigner. There is a type of Belarus girls who just sell themselves to foreigners for money in both types: virtually and in reality. And there are good Belarusian girls, who would like to marry foreigner. Why Belarus women marry foreigners is interesting and complicated question as there are many reasons, main of which are willing for better, richer life in developed country. Many Belarus brides, approximately every tenth, still leave the country. Nobody knows what will start if Belarus will become more open to foreigners and visa problems disappear. Must say, for now it is not that hard to foreigner enter Belarus, citizens of many western countries do not need visa to visit Belarus.

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