How Is It Dating Ukrainian Girl

Dating period is the next step after the very first successful meeting to build relationship. It is serious check for compatibility, feelings and sometimes even facing up with own fears, manifestations of selfishness and envy. Dating time has its pros and cons and therefore it could be a way to your goal called successful future family if you do everything right and if you and your girlfriend fit each other in terms of longtime run. Dating time is joyful, sometimes painful process but very interesting one. It is worth to try it at least once in a life to get unbelievable experience which you’re going to hold with you till the rest of your life. Many are interested how exactly to date a person who different cultural environment? Is there any difference and so on. In this particular case we are going to find out how is it to be in relationship with girl from Ukraine.

What is so special about Ukrainian girls?

First of all they possess extreme level of beauty which attracts men but at the same time many men get stuck because they actually afraid of pretty model look women. The second feature of Ukrainian girls which I probably should have put on the first place is their intelligence. In vast majority those are not just pretty dolls, these girls are highly intelligent, well educated and overwhelming. Most of men are uncomfortable to be with woman who is actually smarter and at the same time these women are not really eager to be in relationship with the man with whom it is hard to find common topics for discussion. And forget about popular myth that Ukrainian girls eagerly agree to be inn relationship with foreign guy. Descent Ukrainian girl would choose partner precisely and no matter you are foreigner or no it is hard to win the contest.

What is so special about Ukrainian girlfriend?

Talking about Ukrainian girlfriend in general there is not much difference than in relationship with any other girl of any other nation. Dating is dating, it has interest on both sides, pleasant moments, duties and obligations as well as surprises and some state of certainty.

Although there are some pleasant peculiarities in terms of Ukrainian women. Of course, every nation has something specific. If you have girl from Ukraine in most cases it means you are dating a model look average Ukrainian girl and the guys near are envy. Most of Ukrainian girls are still family oriented and even young ladies influenced by globalization and emancipation are still much more family oriented than their Western counterparts.

Ukrainian girlfriend means serious relationship which is expected to be a marriage in the future so if you are not sure about future marriage let’s say in two years, it is better to resign. Ukrainian girls do not date for fun, but for the aim of future family creation.

Having Ukrainian girlfriend means to be in good relations with her family, parents and friends. I have already mentioned about traditional family oriented Ukrainian girls and so, this goes from the family entity of the childhood. Dating Ukrainian girl means to be serious about future and there is no future without good relations with her parents so if she is serious about you she will tell her parents about you at first. Then she would try to find out what is your attitude to meeting with her parents – it is like she’s checking and preparing you all at once. When you are ready she will insist on it and then comes the day when you are at her family.

Parents of Ukrainian girlfriend

Usually they are very hospitable and nice people. They might be curious and even a little shy of you as the foreigner in their house. Father might try to compete with you in terms of alcohol consuming. Usually atmosphere in Ukrainian family is very cozy, hospitable and warm where you feel like in traditional family from movies.

Visiting Ukraine

Dating Ukrainian girl means visiting Ukraine some day. It is very nice country which will surprise you with cheap prices, hospitable people and European authenticity. Ukraine is not very different than the rest of Europe, so do not believe stereotypes. Do not look at average salary in Ukraine because in this country average income is counted differently so country is not that poor as you might imagine. Actually, in big Ukrainian cities I did not realize much poverty; this country looks pretty much like your own neighborhood. Ukraine is awesome and even if you don’t have Ukrainian girlfriend you should visit this country. Maybe even you will be able to find some pretty lady who will become your wife someday.

Eating is a must

You are not only going to be a target of you her culinary experiments. You are going to be a “victim” of must have three times a day traditional meal. Like normally cooked meal, with lots of calories, but very tasty and made of natural products with love. You are going to be treated like her man, and she will feel her natural need to feed you (cooking for you).

Forgetting stereotypes

Do not believe in crap that all Ukrainian girls are family oriented and dream only about love and stuff. Many younger Ukrainian girls are pretty career oriented and do not want to be dependent on man (husband) housewives. DO not expect her to clean the house, cook, do laundry, take care of you and children and be goddess in bed at night or wherever you would like to. Such scenario is unrealistic. Treat Ukrainian girl just as any other woman you knew before and do not base your opinion on stereotypes heard on the Internet or wherever else.


Feelings are important. They could give a start. It is good ignition, but it can’t last forever. Feelings would be transformed into trust, responsibility and mutual respect based on common interests and needs. But you won’t build anything without feelings. Completely nothing. Do not date Ukrainian girl just because she is pretty, just because she is from Ukraine, just because you would like to tell your friends your girl is from Ukraine – boast of is bad in general and in this case is especially bad.

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