How I started dating a girl from South Korea

Because of the fact that, the average Korean is becoming completely independent only closer to thirty, only after that they can leave their father’s house and start an independent life. It is considered an absolute norm when a girl marries between the ages of 28 and 33, and it’s not too late, but quite normal. In Korea the understanding of relations is very different from the European one. They do not always have a chance to experience first love or mutual sympathy in adolescence because of the constant study from 8:30 to 20:00 at school, then from 21:00 till night at all kinds of courses and being all the time busy, Korean teenagers for the most part can only dream about a prince or princess, because in the first place in this country there is still education.

However, everything changes greatly when the student’s life begins. Plenty of free time, various trips with the group to vacation in the country or to different attractions and, of course, somewhere at this point might be not the first, but quite serious relationship with the opposite sex.

In principle, it is considered very natural for a Korean girl to date with as many guys as possible before marriage. However, because of this, it is not necessary to hang labels on them, because this craving for relations for the Koreans is just a compensation for the unsuccessful adolescent period, completely covered up with stress and study.

Closer to thirty follows successful employment and long-awaited marriage. But due to the patriarchal nature of Korean society, marriage with a Korean is not always successful because often such marriages are imposed by the family or the girl simply loses the right to have her own opinion in the new family. That’s how the ordinary life and the realities of an ordinary Korean girl look like.

Often, in order to avoid the patriarchy of the Korean family or to gain life experience Korean girls start dating with foreigners. It is worth to mention that probably every girl cherishes the dream of marrying a foreign prince who will take her to his country where they will live happily ever after. In real life everything is not so rosy. Many foreigners who come to Korea, being students or English teachers are looking mostly for easy relationships with local girls.

So what is it to be in a relationship with a Korean woman, what to expect and beware of? I will try to fully describe the nuances of relations with the Korean woman. One of the most important things is learning Korean language. It is necessary to learn the language or at least to be interested in it. Moreover, if a girl sees your desire to learn the language and culture of her homeland, it will be easier for you to establish communication or maybe even to find common interests. Many foreigners just for the purpose of learning the Korean language start relations with Korean girls. In turn, quite often Korean girls are being in a relationship with a foreigner pursuing a similar goal – learning English. This is not self-interest at all, but rather points to a mutual desire to learn each other.

In addition, in the era of the Internet and social networks it has become very convenient to stay in touch with your second half online and Korea is ahead of many countries here. Using such instant messengers as “KakaoTalk” and “Line” you can always be in touch as well as to practice your language with Korean girl. By the way, it is worth mentioning that Korean girls are very sensitive to messages and literally a minute delay can cause a scandal or at least displeased face for the rest of the evening. Read also: How real Korean beauties look like

Of course, like all the girls in the world, Koreans love presents. And here you have huge field for creativity. Although it is worth remembering that not all Koreans love big celebrations or ceremonies in the style of a proposal, but the usual little surprises, whether flowers, ice cream, or a soft toy will be appreciated. To arrange a Korean woman to yourself you do not have to be a mountain of muscles or a brutal male all you need is to be attentive and caring.

In turn, the Korean woman will do everything to please the guy and when your relationship becomes more intimate, then maybe she will even give you ego, (sweet manner of conversation in the childish manner) or call you oppo and here you can decide whether you like it or not. As the relationship develops more and more will be allowed for you with regard to touching and kissing, but absolutely do not rush because you can easily frighten a girl with your pressure or create an unsightly image of the smoothie.

Very often in the streets you can see how a girl carries an umbrella over a guy or how a guy carries a hat or a handbag of his girlfriend while a girl at the same time drags huge packages of groceries or a briefcase with books. Although this trend of the old Confucian society where a woman is equated with a slave is changing, sometimes such strange situations can be observed, especially among the older generation.

It is because of the influence of Confucianism in Korea that such things as to give the girl a place in public transport or to open / hold the door for her to skip first are not so common in Korea. Foreigners with gentleman attitude, which is not appropriate in The West as well by reasons of women’s emancipation, have a huge advantage over Korean guys, fascinating the Korean women with their gallantry, the elemental handed hand to the girl on leaving the car will be appreciated very highly. It is also very common when everyone pays for themselves after dinner as Koreans believe that they are able to pay for themselves. However, do not rely entirely on this principle and if you invited a girl to dinner or so it happened that you eat together it would be nice to pay the bill.

What should beware foreigner beware of when dating with a Korean woman? Basic problem can be the expectation of loyalty and reciprocal feelings from the Korean woman. Although it’s sad to admit, but many Korean girls start several relationships at once, just so it’s not boring. That’s why if a foreigner plans to start a relationship with a Korean girl the first thing you should not do is give yourself up completely to your relationship. However, everything is in your hands, depending on how to arrange the girl to yourself and how to build relationships. If you achieve reciprocity of Korean girl then you can rely on the faithfulness of such a girl. The next nuance that can embarrass is the desire of the Korean girls to show their boyfriend to everyone and what a wonderful relationship they have. For example, the whole Facebook will be filled with photos of your girlfriend and you, with her gifts, your car and stuff. Those who like to exhibit their relations to the majority may not find anything unusual in this, but to the beliefs of many the relationship should preserve some moment of privacy.

In addition, it is customary in Korea to wear pair clothes and pair rings to inform everyone around that young people are in a relationship with each other. Again, it all depends on you and if you are interested in a new experience and really want to play this game, then boldly try to wear couple clothes or couple rings, but I’m sure that there are many who will not appreciate this feature of the Korean relations.

To sum up I would like to note that like all girls, Koreans are very capricious and cunning, especially if they want to achieve or receive anything from the guys. And how can you resist the Korean branded ego when a girl with a sweet little doll’s voice persuades you to buy her a new purse. Expensive inquiries and demands are considered the norm and if a guy can not afford expensive gifts or big expenses, then he is considered a looser. However, as everywhere there are exceptions to this rule: Koreans are not so demanding for foreigners as they understand perfectly well that many of them came to South Korea because they earn much less at home.

Thus, in many aspects the relationship with the Korean woman is reminiscent of the relations we are familiar with, although there are some nuances that should be taken into account when choosing a girl, but the main thing to remember is how to start building relationships, so they will develop and if you really fit each other then no cultural differences will affect the power of your relationship. Read also: Interesting facts about Korean women

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