How fictitious marriages are controled in Belarus

In Belarus came a new government decree according to which the police had expanded rights in checking families for the “sincerity” of relations between the spouses. In the near future, local law enforcement agencies will check marriages between Belarusians and foreigners and all found sham marriages will be dissolved.

The Council of Ministers of Belarus adopted a resolution which, in his opinion, will dramatically reduce the number of bogus marriages with foreigners and Belarusians. This resolution will strengthen the fight against bogus marriages of foreigners who marry Belarusian citizens to obtain a permanent residence permit.

According to Belarusian authorities, during the development of the document European experience was used. The number of fictitious marriages in Belarus in recent years is growing. Particularly prone to such actions came from the Caucasus region. They come to Belarus, conclude a marriage with Belarus woman and then bring their wives, children and relatives to the country.

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The document itself looks very strict. Regulations on the receiving bodies of internal affairs information confirming that marriage to a citizen of the Republic of Belarus signed a fictitious, in particular, provides that all spouses whose marriage has aroused the suspicions of the police, will be questioned in police offices. Before that, inspectors will check whether husband and wife live together, do they have any common property. The latter would be enough to cause both for interrogation and conduct a written survey. Spouses will be questioned in different rooms in the same time. The answers, of course, must be the same, otherwise the marriage will be recognized as a sham. The exact content of the questions is not known and officials explain this is maid on purpose in order to exclude the possibility of prior approval of the responses.

Meanwhile, Belarusian human rights activists and lawyers who are familiar with how interrogations are conducted in Belarus afraid that questions can be offensive. The worst thing is that if a husband and wife will be, for example, asked how often they have sex. It is impossible to refuse this question and if so, then policeman consider marriage a sham and terminated. And these questions will certainly be present. After all, according to the decision, questions must be “specific, clear, unambiguous and suggesting satisfactory answers.” All readings will be made in writing and signed on each sheet. Answers must be the same, especially those relating to “posts spouses are not the same according to personal information and other data about each other like close relatives of each other, circumstances of first dating and family life.” Then the next question: what if the spouses do not really remember when they met, maybe it was a long time ago? Well, or husband has never seen his wife’s grandfather husband? Is this the reason to consider marriage a sham?

Another important point, the survey will be conducted in the language, which is owned by both spouses. In this case the police is even ready to call an interpreter. If it turns out, for example, that husband speaks Polish only and his wife speaks Russian only, the questioning will no longer beneeded and foreign husband immediately will be expelled from the country.

But what is even more interesting not only the spouses will be asked about the personal life, but also their neighbors, relatives, friends and work colleagues. File for each foreign family must necessarily include their testimony. If they suddenly refuse to discuss you in front of people in uniform, it can jeopardize your foreign family. Of course, not all marriages will be checked, but only those that seem especially “suspicious” the officials.

For example, the document refers to “a significant age difference.” In this case, what age difference becomes “significant” is not specified. Perhaps the police seem such a difference in five years? Another negative factor is when the spouses have children out of wedlock.

Known Belarusian lawyer, chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Harry Pahanyaila notes that the document is “too” crude and sometimes frankly incorrect, for example, persons of Caucasian nationality, whom are very much on Minsk markets may find questions about his personal life offensive. However, the expert adds, in Belarus usually decisions and documents are firstly made and only then analyzed. According to lawyer, similar legislation in this area in Western Europe is much more humane and careful. Moreover, the document provides ample opportunities for corruption among police officers, as the document is not too clear.

One of the employees of the Department of Citizenship and Migration Ministry of Internal Affairs on condition of anonymity said that the document was created in order to reduce the number of Caucasians in Minsk, because they openly began to push Belarusians in the markets as it was in the 1990s. in Russia. Now because of the terrorist attacks they feel there not so freely as they used to be and now they are moving to Belarus. According to the policeman, sham marriages are mainly made for obtaining a residence permit as then it is easier to pay taxes and “solve problems.” Fictitious marriage in Belarus costs about $500 to $1,000 per year.

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Often Belarusians themselves enter into sham marriages. Someone thus hides from the state distribution after university to stay in Minsk and not leave for work in the village. Someone wants to quickly get a soft loan for housing construction, and they are given to young families after they are get in the queue.

Wife of Polish man Marina says that lives with her husband for five years, but is afraid that her husband will be forced to pay to have no problems. “It just happened that we live here, my husband has serious car service business. But he has assured me that if police will try to breed us, he’ll sell or just leave the business and we will move to his home to Polland.” But Larissa from Minsk, who lives with Azerbaijani husband in Minsk, says that is very afraid of police raids, “He is trying to survive in Minsk, because competitors envy him.” Her husband Irakli trades persimmons and grapes on the market in Zhdanovichy. He adds: “I’m scared because if, for example, in Moscow, any problem can be solved with money, if only they were, then the local police always have plans for penalties and they find fault even when nothing to complain about. Here and there they may have plans for the number of divorces, for example, they will need to break 50marriages per month. And if they need, you will not prove anything. Well, if that happens, we will live together informally.

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