How Estonian and American women differ from each other

Different culture, different continents, geographical position and even neighboring countries – all these features influence its citizen’s behavior, way of life, character and other features. That is why it is not weird that American women differ from Estonian. But women from various countries also have common features as well as different.

Estonian women in vast majority are more family oriented, but there are also American women whose place in the society they see in their family, but not in the office. The opposite with Estonian women who often choose work place instead of sitting at home, cooking food, cleaning house and rising children. There is no some universal strategy of women’s difference.

American women like to say what they think and don’t hide real truth, especially if it is something that concerns their personal space, feelings or freedom. Estonian women are prone to hide their insult, their real feelings and in the times when the cup is full they could make a scandal.

American women are more open, strict and take from life as much as they can. Estonian women have ability to depend on someone – on the family, on parents, on husband and as the result such attitude and upbringing features makes them a little more devoted to the family than average American woman. Read also: Successful story of American whose wife is Estonian woman

American woman would never spent too much time for make up and does not care what she is dressed in, unless she is going for a date or some official meeting, but even in case of date she does not really care and may come in sneakers and shirt. Estonian woman is a sample of elegance and style, she always looks like a shining diamond, well dressed, emphasizing perfect figure and features of beautiful appearance with proper actions like make up and clothes; I don’t want to say anything bad about American women, but it is just there are much more ‘shining diamonds’ in Estonia.

Why American women do not care for their appearance in everyday life? Why American women do not care about their figure and often are overweight? Such questions are common for American men and foreigners who visit the U.S. The fact is that some American women do care of themselves, but most still not do. For some reason many American women take their careless look as the demonstration of personal freedom, to show they don’t care about men’s opinion, but as for me it is just simple laziness. Many American women are obese because they don’t care not about man’s opinion, but about their own health, they are lazy to cook healthy food, they prefer watching TV show on the couch rather that running, swimming, riding a bike or doing fitness. Estonian culture in terms of women’s behavior is still very different from American and it shows many positive aspects. Women take care about their body, about their appearance, about how they look like, considering body shape, make up, style of clothes and many other minor things. Estonian women like to do all those things and as the reward they get satisfaction from good look and fit & healthy body. What could be better than enjoyment in life every minute? And Estonian women know how to be happy, but not only because they are proud to have nice appearance and well dressed up. Such positive wave of emotions widespread to their family life, relations with people at work and all this makes positive picture of the day. Staying up positive is one more feature of Estonian woman that magnetize men to lean towards them as men like to remain in their company as long as possible, feeling positive fluids. Read also: I am married to Estonian woman

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