How can I marry Bulgarian woman?

How can I marry Bulgarian woman? If you have ever been to Bulgaria or by happy chance had a possibility to communicate with Bulgarian girl, you must have notice real beauty of this girls. Although Bulgarians are considered to be of Slavic origin, this is like mixture of Slavic and Balkan girls, though this definition may sound weird and could not be taken for as undeniable truth. More correct would be expression this is Slavic nation, adapted to South sunny and warm sea climate. That is why Bulgarian Slavs have more dark skin and dark hair. Anyways, women of Bulgaria are very beautiful and intelligent and therefore every man would be happy to marry with Bulgarian women. It is not easier for Bulgarian man to do, but what about foreign man who are so eager to marry Bulgarian woman? In our article we will focus on peculiarities of Bulgarian marriage and how possible it is for foreigner.

The easiest way is to come to Bulgaria, meet nice girl and marry her. It sounds easy, but might be hard to do in real. The main problem is the different cultural traditions and lifestyle. As a way of life in Bulgaria families may differ from that which exists in your country. For those who really met the love there are no problems. To find a good husband or wife in Bulgaria is simple enough and hard enough at the same time, especially considering the language barrier. For love one can not go to Bulgaria, but to start looking for her on the Internet.

If you have a dream to marry it with Bulgarian, you can often go there or even move and day by day meet new people and search for love. Salaries in Bulgaria are very low comparing to other EU countries and so the prices for real estate, clothes and food are cheap. If you are American citizen, it would be easy for you to live in this country with American income.

A striking example of the preservation of Slavic traditions can be seen in the Bulgarian families. Strong family in Bulgaria is created for life, and it has even now preserved ancient Slavic culture. All Bulgarian society is based on tradition to keep faith in history, love to the country and traditions. Bulgaria carried out strong influence of Muslim culture. For a simple Bulgarian soul it was difficultly perceived. However, later on Russia and the West begin to affect Bulgaria, with its rules of conduct and its softer culture and religious rules. Bulgaria gradually began to lean towards this lightweight mode, adding their ancient customs.

Today Bulgaria does not differ from other modern and progressive countries. Bulgarians has the same European standards regarding clothing, fashion, food and social life as other countries. Despite the fact that the culture of Bulgaria was under strong influence of different countries and religions, the average Bulgarian family consists of mother, father and one child, while Muslim families in Bulgaria usually have three children. Partially the presence of one child indicates that Bulgarians are poor and it is hard to grow up more children. So there is one more hint to you.

If you are foreigner from the prosperous country, you could buy a house near the sea in Bulgaria. By the way, Bulgaria is sea resort country with lot of spa. So, first of all, visit Bulgaria and live there for some time. Then if you liked it, buy a house there, near the sea. In any case you may sell it later. You may use your wealth as a plus when looking for Bulgarian wife, but do not show it at first. Women has to treat you as the man but not a wallet full of dollars. If you found girl you like and have relations for some time, it is better if she would think you rent an apartment or live in hotel. Only if you are sure she is the one, you can tell her you own a house. Those are brief hints of how American man can use its pluses in search of Bulgarian wife.

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    Hi I’m Muhammad Amin from pakistan.i want marry to bulgarian women.
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      You have to act like all descent men do. Do not focus on purpose, on what you want and need, but enjoy versatility of life. Visit Belarus just to observe how it is there, visit different places of the country (Not only Minsk the capital, but smaller places like Kobryn, or, cities like Brest, Grodno, Gomel etc and also rural part which is gorgeous considering nature and landscapes), make friends with Belarusian guys and girls, maybe start your studies in some University in Belarus and maybe among people you meet you will find your Belarusian love for life, who knows? Man, there is no special recipe for marriyng particular woman of particular country, including Belarus.

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