How are Moldovan women different from Western women

Thinking about why men from abroad are more and more often seeking brides from Moldova, comes up one conclusion that somehow Moldovan brides are better than western brides and if brides are better, than they become better wives. And if it is so, that means women of Moldova have some special features, let’s name them pluses or bonuses, kind of privileges upon western women. And because of these features western men prefer to choose them than their compatriots for wife. Moldovan women are different from Western women in their approach to life and that approach attracts Western men more.

Why, for example, American men like Moldovan girls so much? “Because of their beauty”, you would say. Well, it is truth, but only partially. For every American man it is the symbol of status to have pretty young wife near. And, of course, when it goes about bed, it is much more pleasure to be with young pretty woman in a great shape. But not only this is important and we have already been started to talk about this briefly. Right, the life approach – what is so important. Western man like Moldovan girls because they are rarely feminist and are not emancipated, as their colleagues form prosperous West, where man is afraid to say wrong word.

Being with Moldovan woman man is able to be himself and if he likes her dress or she looks very pretty, he would surely make her compliment and she will not get offended or call the police and say he harassed her. On the contrary, if you make appropriate compliment to Moldovan girl, she feels great about it, she feels she is needed as nice man showed his attention. Those are main differences between Moldovan and Western women. Of course, there are much more differences like cultural, approach to the family and religion, style of life and style of behavior in the society and, of course, style of wear; but those differences are minor, as to me, comparing with previously described ones.

Is it true there are many Moldovan women who want to come to America? Yes, and the reason for this life is very hard in Moldova; country is the poorest in the whole Europe and it is very hard to survive even if you are well educated and work day and night. One more reason of Moldovan women’s willing to escape to the US is their local men. As the country is poor, most of them are unable to provide descent life for the family. Because of that, scandals and quarrels become often “guests” in the families. Husbands starts to drink alcohol, as he’s unable to find another solution, beats his wife and that all leads to divorce.

Because of all such unhappy reasons, Moldovan girls are coming to the US and hope to live better and happier life there. As family traditions are different in Moldova as on the West, Moldovan woman is very devoted to the family and her husband. American man is pleasantly shocked by such an attitude of his wife, pretty wife. Moldovan women who want to marry American man are normal human beings, who want to live in normal country with normal social standards, where you work and get enough to feed the family, buy clothes, pay the bills and send children to school.

Of then on the Internet guys from Apennines are looking is it truth that Moldovan girls like Italians. Because Italians have chosen Moldova as one of the countries to have sex tours, of course, some Moldovan girls might like those rich Italians who visit their country and ready to pay for spending good time. But it does not mean all Moldovan girls are like that. To my mind it is very basely for normal man to use the poverty of pretty woman and buy her for money, especially when this woman is in need and has thirsty and hungry kids. Average salary in Moldova is $100 and average salary in Italia is about 2700 Euro. Can you compare? Almost every Italian could visit Moldova and live there like a king. And many of them do so. Of course, until there are women in Moldova who are waiting for rich foreigner, they would visit this country and both get what they need. If it was not in Moldova, it would be happening in some other poor country and it is concerning much more deep issues.

To sum up, Moldovan women are more dependent in general and are dependent on husband, society, kids etc. in particular. Western women are free and decide for themselves what they need, including whether they need a husband or no. They earn for themselves and live together with man only if both of them are comfortable to be with each other. They do not care as much about social norms and judgments as Moldovan girls do.

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