How are Icelandic women different from American

How are Icelandic women different from American? Kind of hard question by the meaning it could have many answers and those answers would be quite versatile, or what. There are many common features between American and Icelandic women as they both belong to Western culture and share such qualities of Western civilization as strong position in the society, active participation in whole range of life activities, including politics and managing duties.

Emancipation is also what American and Icelandic women are known for. But except for common features there are some, which characterize only Icelandic women. Those features are typical for the region of origin and were inherited by centuries. The way of life, style of relations between men and women of this country, typical professions for the region, small country, small population and the fact Iceland is kind of abandoned country, because of the sea, has formed unique women and their unique behavior.

You have probably have heard that it is typical for Iceland when women buys a drink for the guy she liked and (or) gets acquainted first. The reason of such a little weird for us behavior is not their easiness, as some might think, but because of high level of equality in the society, if we may say so. When women of other countries in West were struggling for their rights, Icelandic women have never heard about that much and never made efforts, because they already have all those rights and were ruling men for centuries. Men in Iceland were usually fishing for long time and women had to take care of the house, take care of children, and rule the farm. That is why Icelandic women taught themselves to be independent and man always listens to his wife, as her word is more important than his one. Such society relations between men and women in Iceland were formed by centuries and now we see all of those achievements. Icelandic women are independent and self-reliable and if they are looking for the man, they rather wait him to be not a partner, but helper. Man who used to be the head of the family would hardly deal with Icelandic woman.

There are many families in Iceland with mother and children only. This is one of the reasons men from other countries visit Iceland. They hope to find some joy among those mothers, as they think, those mothers also need a partner from time to time. However, such approach is wrong and would not work at least because as it was said before, Icelandic women are rather self-reliant and independent. It is very hard to believe they are all waiting for foreigner, who will come and satisfy all her sexual needs. At least, it would be very naïve to think so.

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One more common fact is there are many women, who leave Iceland for Europe. Why they do not prefer America? Some part of society wants Iceland to join EU, and life in EU is considered as something active, interesting, open-minded. Of course, there are many Icelandic women who go to the USA as well, but Europe is still number one destination for Icelanders. One of the reasons is Iceland is very small country and the population of one big European city is much greater than the population of the whole Iceland. They get bored in Iceland and try to look for more interesting life abroad. By the way, for those men, who would like to try their chances with Icelandic girl this is nice opportunity. You don’t have to move anywhere, just meet one in your home country and good luck.

What about Icelandic women to date with? This is interesting aspect and very often if it happens to spend some time with girl from Iceland in her home country, it usually would be one night stand. Why? If you picked up a girl in a bar, you both were drunk and the night ended in bed, the next day she would leave as she used you same way you used her. That is what she were looking for, but she needed this yesterday and she does not feel like this anymore. Remember: Icelandic women are open-minded and strongly independent. Sex is not the best start to start relations and dating, sorry for tautology. If you are able to find a girl in Iceland you would like to date, you have to show her your interest in her. Surprise her, be interesting, use your charm and humor, and be slightly unpredictable. Become for her that stream of fresh foreign air that is lack of which in Iceland.

How to find appropriate for dating girl in Iceland? You may use social networks first of all and communicate by messaging and live video chat. In such a way you may choose between some candidates and finally visit the country. Foreigners are interesting for Icelanders because they bring something new in Icelandic routine and slow life. Foreigners make brainstorm and that is why they attract girls from Iceland. So, if you already have so many advantages, and you didn’t make any efforts, as you were born with them, why not to use them, adding your men’s knowledge and ability to communicate with women.

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