How are Icelandic women as wives?

It depends what you imply by this type of question. It also depends what country, culture and social sphere you are from, because according to this you will have different view on the meaning of wife, general understanding of your role in the family as the husband and place and role of woman in the family. Depending on what qualities you appreciate in women your view on Icelandic wife might be different as well. Perfect woman for Norwegian man, weird wife’s behavior for Russian man, something new for American guy and completely impossible to live with for Saudi Arabian man: such a wide range of feelings may cause one and the same Icelandic woman to male representatives of different cultures. All this happens because man of every culture looks at the world through his own eyes and cultural, social, mental and many other filters.

The best would be to describe Icelandic wife as she is and you will decide for yourself whether such type of woman could be your possible wife or not – and all depending on where you are from.

Average Icelandic wife would demand sharing all responsibilities at home and all the business you have as the family. This means you have to clean the house, do laundry and wash dishes half of the time. Sometimes your wife would pick up children after school and sometimes you. There is no man’s and woman’s work in your common home after marriage. She would be offended it you help her carry heavy staff because it would mean you consider her weaker. She might be offended if you try to be gallant and open doors in front of her – she might do the same in front of you immediately. Forget about coming home after work and asking your wife whether the meal is ready. Icelandic woman works the same period of time as you and she wants to have rest after work. If you are hungry – go make the supper yourself. If some day you cook meal for both then some day she might do the same, but only once.

Forget about some family budget or common plans. She has her own income and she spends it as she would like to. You both share payment for month bills in equal. The rest is yours and her. Do not be surprise if some day she would say she is flying to Greece alone, because she needs some personal space and without you. Don’t think this is because she has some lover – it is really the way she says. Do not be surprised if your wife would come back home drunk and would use some swear words towards you – she had a girls evening with her friends and is not in the best mood.

What are pluses? You always have your budget and plans. She would not intrude into your personal interests as she respects personal space. She would never demand from you buying her new iPhone because the husband of her friend has presented one to his wife. You share bills at the restaurant. You are partners and you enjoy each other the way you are.

It is also not as strict as it is described or as it might seem to you at first. No matter on the country, level of personal freedom and emancipation every woman lives on emotions. If you bring her positive emotions, make her happy and sometimes confused – she would appreciate that and knowing you are from another country she would sometimes do the way you want – the way it is in your country. But only sometimes: remember. Being with Icelandic woman might be real challenge for one man, a total discomfort for another one and real pleasure he was looking for the whole life for another one. You never know until you try at least to date and better – to live together with Icelandic woman. And also remember that tips and information are good to know to have general overlook, but personal decisions and your own unique choice is the only right decision. There is no need to be disappointed in Icelandic women just because you have read something bad about them on the Internet. Many men – many minds, but you have to possess your own ideas. Believe more your personal experience rather than words, even if they are from the most reliable sources.

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