Guys popular among Western ladies

Our website has many articles that touch the topic of which kind of guys Ukrainian girls like and what is perfect westerner or other man for Ukrainian lady. But we have never discussed which guys are popular among western ladies? Do western ladies prefer Ukrainian men, for example, and if yes, then why?

Recently, I often encounter the view that the man to hope for the favor of even the ugliest lady must confirm to high standards, so that if he whether is even close to those standards. And women are not in a hurry to burden themselves with counter obligations.

Western ladies appreciate when man has strong personality, being able to support, but at the same time this man has to recognize equality between man and woman, do not give any hints that might show that woman is weaker than man, like opening the door before woman enters or ask woman to carry heavy grocery instead of her. Some will consider such behavior as destruction of balance between masculine and feminine, between yin and yang, but that is how it is in western countries and if you want to conquer western woman, you have to follow such simple rules.

Western woman is independent; she builds her career on her own and does not usually need a sponsor, so to be interesting for western woman man has to be interesting as the person. She does not need him, unless she’s desperately in love, but she could be interested by spending time together and sharing feelings. Man gives something she likes to her and at the same time she gives him some what he needs. In is rather interesting symbiosis, I would say. They can handle without each other, but together they feel better.

There are also different types of western women, as well. For example, for those, who are religious family, children and husband are needed things and some non-religious prefer to live with other woman or alone. Every single western woman is different and could not be described by some general standards. In order to become subject of her interest, man has to get to know her better personally and take decisions on personal experience.

The truth is that western women in general are quite emancipated and some of them say they do not need man at all. But it does not mean all women from west are the same. Many of them want to feel warm and supportive man’s shoulder, are looking for tenderness and new feelings.

The age of western woman who is looking for man is also important. If you want to find out which guys are popular among western ladies, you have to keep in mind; young ladies are looking for man of her age to spend time together. Western women in their 40’s often are looking for young lovers, as we were telling before, they are independent and earn good money, so are looking for pleasure and strong young lover is choice needed. And if in addition to that this young foreigner is of some exotic nationality, this adds some special peculiar features to romantic adventure.

To sum up, our answer to the question given in the topic of our article would be women are different and they have unique tastes for men. If you have purpose to date with western woman, you have to be individual, have nice body, be intelligent and able to interest potential woman partner. Those are important features you need to have to get her interested at first, and the more it flows, the more inventive and spontaneous in a nice way you have to be, because the man who is boring will never interest woman for long. Be nice and be yourself, if she likes you the way you are and gets interested, it is the best way it could go, but do not be too self-assured, because women of west often like some short-time adventure and then leave man in search for another one.

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