Guyana, its women, people and traditions

Guyana is the country in North Eastern part of South America. It is also called French Guyana (there are also English and Netherland Guyana) and on some maps it is not shown as separate country, but as part of France; actually, Guyana is overseas region and department of France. Not many know that the longest French border is with Brazil and it is even 50 km longer than French-Spanish border.

You may assume that if Guyana is part of France, women over there should be as hot as French women and their sexual temperament is known all over the world. Maybe there is some truth in these words, but I must say there are many French people who moved either for permanent or for temporary leaving. So chances are high to find here passionate French Guyana woman. As for local women, for sure they have been under influence of Guyana climate and traditions, but still they have peculiar features worth to start dating or other relations with them. Read also: Marriage with Guyana girl

There are also many Chinese girls here, but don’t try to keep in contact with them hoping for some relations. They live in small communities and communicate between themselves; they are often fathers and daughters of those Chinese men who own stores, bars, restaurants or other business here.

There are also many black women in Guyana and many of them, as I took into consideration have very specially bulged butt; I don’t know is it local peculiarity, but I found it very interesting, maybe I’m too biased and generalize, but I have met many such “butts” not on purpose and that is why I put this into my article. There might be connoisseurs who will visit Guyana only to get closer with such “back part” female owners.

The capital of Guyana is called Cayenne, so here you may find some hot n’ spicy chicks. Well, on this purpose the capital would be probably the best place to visit. Come visit Guyana in search of interesting impressions and great adventures, even if here you first got to know about this country which actually is part of France.

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