Guyana girls do not marry foreigners eagerly?

I am not sure what statistics say, but I am sure there are many marriages of Guyana women and foreigners; as this part of South or Latin America, as many used to call it, is a part of France, many aliens from bordering poor or not that poor countries are trying to marry Guyana woman and to get citizenship of European Union. The fact they would still get the French citizenship not quick does not scare or bother them; neither the fact that they would be relatively poor and could not afford plane ticket to go to work to Europe. The aspiration to be the part of “better world” rules those people and they are trying to conduct marriage with Guyana citizens.

How Guyana men react for the fact their women are getting married with foreigners? Well, their reaction is quite calm and not aggressive, maybe because marriage of Guyana woman with alien men does not have massive character and is not clearly vivid; this is the choice of some women representatives of Guyana.

The men of Guyana are married to foreign women even more rare, I would say much rare than Guyana women. This all means Guyana is not the best country for foreign marriages. Different people say different opinions, but the main here is women of this Latin piece of Earth are not in hurry to marry foreigner and leave homeland for unknown; they are happy with their life here even if it is not the best country in the world to live; they are proud to live in their motherland and I personally really like that. Some would say Guyana girls are not pretty enough and because of that westerners do not want to marry them and if there is no sell there is no buy, speaking with economical terms. Maybe it is a part of global truth about Guyana, but I don’t think it is that bad, at least women of Guyana remain moral and they are the best wives in the world. They are nice, friendly, unique and family caring; there is something special in their eyes and they also have very warm energy that covers you when you are near. This is why I chosen my wife to be Guyana girl.

By lack of marriage with foreigners Guyana women preserve their unique culture, unique piece of France you will not find anywhere else in the world. Women are proud to be of Guyana origin and they seem to me like one of the best representatives of female part of all the humanity in the world. If you still have some doubts about marriage with woman from Guyana, forget about them. Come visit Guyana and show the entire world my assumptions that women from Guyana do not want to marry foreigners just have no basis; break my subjective theory and be happy in marriage with your Guyana wifeRead also: Marriage with Guyana girl

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