Great places for dating in Serbia

Serbia is just full of interesting places where you could spend a date which would be memorable, positive and interesting for you and your girlfriend. Serbia without exaggeration could be called the best country for dating in Europe and right now reading below you are going to know why.

Nice way to spend time with your girl in Serbia would be visiting one or few of multiple ski resorts.

There are 4 mountain systems In Serbia. This contributes to the development of ski tourism. Skating prices are relatively low, and new routes appear regularly. The most popular Serbian ski resort is Kopaonik. Even if you are not skiing there are many other attractions and gorgeous landscapes. Isn’t it a good place to spend romantic time together with your girlfriend and if you would be eager to combine it with active rest?

If your date with Serbian girl will be in the capital then visit the park near popular Belgrade piece lake, which is incredibly clean. Belgrade couples just love spending time there.

It is impossible to ignore the Danube river and Djerdap gorge. Very interesting national park Shar-Planina, Tara, Fruska-gora – such places are just great to spend time together.

You can even get recovery during date in Serbia! How come? The country provides excellent opportunities for recovery. There are thermal springs and incredibly curative air. The most famous resorts are Sokobanya, Vrnjacka Banja, Bukovička Banya.  In thermal spa you both could enjoy your bodies without a need to be shy 🙂 Serbia has very rich nature and it is great idea to have date on the fresh air.

You and your girl like architecture, history, ancient places? Great! The culture of Serbia has survived for thousands of years. Its monuments, numerous monasteries and churches, which are famous for their frescoes will not leave you indifferent. Despite numerous wars, the Serbian fortresses are perfectly preserved and great not only tourists, but also various festivals, for example the music festival EXIT. The most popular cities in Serbia are Belgrade, Subotica, Novi Sad, Nis. Tourism in Serbia is not very popular. It is relatively inexpensive, but there is much to see and that is great opportunity to spend more time with your Serbian girl together in nice atmosphere, exploring something new. The country has many historical and architectural monuments, beautiful nature and a pleasant climate.

Now we are going to be more precise and describe places which you can visit during date in Serbia and choose one or few for you according to your preferences.

The Belgrade Fortress. For more than 1000 years, the fortress stands on a 125-meter hill near the confluence of the rivers Sava and the Danube. Its territory is divided into Upper and Lower Town. Inside the fortress there are two ancient churches, monuments, ruins of Roman settlements, defensive buildings. Five towers rise above the fortress, and you can enter the citadel through 12 gates. Look at the magical landscapes you can from the park Kalemegdan. There you can relax in a cafe.

Djerdap Gorge. This is one of the most beautiful places in Europe, where the Danube will appear in all its glory. In the Djerdap gorge, near Golubach, it reaches the greatest width – 6.5 km and the largest depth – meters. Tourists are taken to cruises through the whole gorge, which consists of four smaller gorges and three hollows. In places, 300 m high cliffs rise above the river. On the banks of the Danube are also many ancient fortresses. Taking Danube cruise with your girlfriend is also great idea where level or romantic atmosphere for sure would be enormous. If your girl likes taking selfies – this is definitely where she would be really happy.

For lovers of all ancient and history and also architecture we propose to have a date in Smederevo Fortress. The fortress was built in 1430, when Smederevo was the capital of the country. The fortress has the form of a triangle. On the one hand, it borders on the Danube, on the second with Ezawa. The third side was protected by fortifications. The fortress was defended by a 2-meter wall and 25 towers. In the Little Town there was a printing house, a jeweler’s workshop, two churches, a palace, other buildings. The great city was a trade and craft center.

If you want mystique date covered with unknown, legends, scary landscapes we have found such a place in Serbia for you – the City of the Devil. It is a place shrouded in legends on Mount Radan, 27 km from the city of Kurshumliya. It represents 202 stone pillars. Their height varies from 2 to 15 meters. The tops of the pillars are crowned with stone caps. The city of the Devil was formed due to weathering, but the locals came up with many legends. Therefore, many excursions are conducted there at night. How about such unusual date?

If you would like to have usual date in restaurant or cozy café visit Beograd district of Skadarlija. This is the quarter that is located along the 600-meter Skadarska Street. Its history originates in the 30-ies of the XIX century. It settled gypsies, artisans, merchants. After several decades, the street was inhabited by artists and writers. That’s why this is the most bohemian old quarter in Belgrade, where there are many galleries, antique shops, cafes and restaurants.

Got tired of irritating city and want to spend time with your girl close to the nature? Then Shar-Planina National Park is the place for you. Shar-Planina is a mountain range with a length of 85 km. It is located in the central part of the Balkans. The area of the park is about 40 thousand hectares. The height of more than 100 peaks reaches 2000 meters, and about 30 – more than 2500 meters. On the territory of Serbia is the highest mountain Bistra, its height is 2651 meters. The park is incredibly rich in flora and fauna. In addition, its territory has more than 40 churches and monasteries, tombs, fortresses.

Ada Tsigaliya. One of the biggest piece lakes in Europe is located just a few kilometers from the center of Belgrade. It is located near the peninsula of Ada Tsigaliya – the Belgrade’s favorite holiday destination. Thanks to the dams installed on the dams, the water in the lake is clean. There was formed a curative microclimate, on the island there is a lot of greenery. On Ada Tsiganiya there are more than 50 sports facilities for outdoor activities.

Want to spend time with your girl during national Serbian festival, concert? Tara National Park. It is a park in the west of Serbia. It occupies part of the Tara mountain, and its area is 22 thousand hectares. On the territory of the park there are canyons, dips, coves, caves. There is also the shortest river in Europe – Vrelo. Its length is 365 meters. In the park you can go fishing in the cleanest piece lakes, try a local alcoholic beverage – rakiya “Klekovacha”. The park has a rich flora and fauna, and in the summer there are various festivals.

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