Great places for dating in Chile

Got sick of trivial dating? Maybe your girlfriend wants you to be original? You want to be original? You are in Chile and want to surprise your girl? Great! If you already start thinking about non trivial unusual date – welcome to Chile. This is great country to visit with your girl and to spend great time together visiting interesting places as well as if your girlfriend is from Chile – then you have great trip advisor or… you may show you are initiative man and propose places for dating yourself. Want to know something about these places – let’s go!

In Chile you have good option of spending date in the largest swimming pool in the world. Pluses? You may learn your girl to swim and she would fully depend on you 😉 At least for 20 minutes. Or… If she is good swimmer you may kiss and hug her in the crystal water. Or… When you will have rest near pool you may observe beautiful body of your girlfriend. Why exactly this swimming pool? Because it is the biggest in the world and you have most chances your girl would like your idea. Just imagine 15 stadiums size area filled with water and you will understand how the world’s largest outdoor swimming pool looks like. Where is this pool? You are going to find it in San Alfonso del Mar which is about 100 kilometers to the west of the city of Santiago which we know as the capital of Chile. Pool is more than kilometer long and takes 77000 sq. meters of land. The pool could be named of having own ecosystem as according to such enormous area it also gives possibility to sail a yacht, not only swim and stuff. In San Alfonso del Mar you can rent a yacht or, what is more popular and cheaper – catamaran and have great fun time together with your girl. Great idea for the date in Chile, isn’t it? Imagine you and your girl on a yacht, having relaxing blast under the sun, in peaceful atmosphere. Water in the pool is not salty, because after being taken from the ocean it has procedure of cleaning, so relaxing at this huge pool you could see all the way down to the bottom.

The second thing that comes up in mind is the Easter Island. If you did not know it is situated in Chile, but very far from the coast of continental Chile. If you have enough time and budget you may make such a trip with your girlfriend. Easter Island is the most remote inhabited island in the world. It takes pretty far to get there. However, loving pairs do not seek for beauty here, but for mysterious secrets and possibility to feel themselves as if they were at the beginning of the world creation. Here by the corner you will surely find Edem garden. Easter Island is known primarily for its famous stone statues called Moai and being here couples take pictures feeling themselves as part of this unknown great creation history. It still remains unknown how 200 tons weight statues drifted here.

If such far away trips are not for you and you are looking for not mystique, but romantic date then visit Marble caves of Chile. Why? Because of picturesque views, unbelievably magical and at the same time romantic atmosphere and kayaking. Lake Carrera really makes impact for the whole life. If you visit this place with your girl she will definitely remember this trip for the rest of her life. In a positive sense, of course.

If you still would like to come back to something mystique and abandoned you may visit Ghost Town Humberstone as option for nice time spending with your girlfriend in Chile. Fifty kilometers from the city of Iquique there is the abandoned city of Humberstone. When a deposit of saltpeter was found here the city was flourishing, but when it drained everyone has left the city more or less quickly. Visiting abandoned houses you have a little chance to even find here valuable souvenir for good memories.

Do you know that the best date is prolonged date and to make your date long in time is possible when you make a trip to somewhere. If it is Chile you can visit Lunar Valley – Valle de la Luna. It is situated about 30 kilometers from the city of San Pedro right in the desert. Lunar Valley is called so thanks to the landscapes which are similar to the lunar surface so being here it reminds being on the Moon. Keep in mind that visiting such places might be dangerous because of very contrast continental climate. It gets extremely cold at night so you should have good guide, warm clothes, reliable transport and it is better to leave the desert before the night time.

We are giving some interesting ideas for dating in Chile, but there are always many “usual” places in any Chilean city to visit with your girl. For example, Santiago has many nice parks, cozy cafés and restaurants. But you may find them yourself so we do not think it is needed to write about this. Hope you got inspired and already got some ideas for unbelievable date in Chile already. No? Why? I’m gonna cry 🙂

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