Good places to spend memorable dating time in Iceland

Iceland is the country which is worth to visit either you plan to date Icelandic woman or no. Too many guys take dating time way too serious and therefore start nervous, feel non-comfortable and often literary “spoil” everything. You have to know that dating it is not only kisses and hugs, roses, romantic words etc. – your girl could be sick of such ideal perfect guy, especially if we are talking about girls from Iceland. Dating should be in a form of pleasant time spending for both – the guy and the girl. The best effect could be achieved when combining visiting places of interest and spending fun time together there. These places should be interesting for both, nature and landscapes are great solution and in case with Iceland it would be great to show your Icelandic girlfriend you are interested in culture of her country and need her help to know Iceland better – this will show your interest in something she grew up in and you will get her appreciation.

Iceland is a unique island state, lost somewhere in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean, far from Europe and America. Because of this remoteness, trips to Iceland are considered an expensive pleasure, but recently the cost of tours to this country has significantly decreased, so it became more affordable for travelers with an average income to visit this country and try real date with Icelandic girl you dream about so much. Due to its isolated position, Iceland managed to preserve the natural beauty almost untouched. In general, it is the picturesque nature and the most beautiful views that attract tourists to Iceland. Nowhere else will you see such severe, northern, but incredibly attractive landscapes, beautiful geysers, waterfalls, unusual monuments created by nature itself, and what is most important – so hardly affordable, but especially gorgeous Northern women.

Before thinking of dating Icelandic girl you might have heard that Icelandic language is one of the most difficult to learn languages on the planet. Icelanders are very careful about their national treasure and do not hurry borrowing English words, so most of the local names as the foreigner you probably could hardly pronounce. However, English here is understandable everywhere by almost all local residents and your language of communication during memorable date with Icelandic girl would be English. So, what nice places to visit during date in Iceland or where to go in Iceland during the date with local Icelandic girl?

If you fond of nature, ask your girlfriend to show you Thingvellir National Park. Park Thingvellir is known for its lakes, a large number of rare plants, unusual Icelandic horses and geological formations. This is good place to start date in Iceland.

If you are romantic type then visit Gydfoss Waterfall. It is very beautiful, really “golden” waterfall, which is in the southern part of Iceland. A powerful stream of water falls into a narrow crevice to a depth of about 70 meters. It is one of the most beautiful and popular attractions of the country. You may take pictures with your girl here, although you can take fascinating memorable pics almost everywhere in Iceland.

Maybe you want to see whales? Do you think it is good idea during the date? If yes, then visit the town of Husavik. This is small town in the northern part of Iceland. The town attracts tourists as a place with unique opportunity to see whales. Also sea excursions are organized here. As you see, I give you advises and you decide for yourself would it suit for the date or no.

Ask your Icelandic girl to show you the most powerful waterfall in Europe. For this you should go to the northeastern part of Iceland, where the Dettifoss waterfall is located on the Jökülsau-Au-Fjödlum River. It is incredibly powerful jets fall from a height of 44 meters, and the width of the waterfall itself exceeds 100 meters. The beauty of this waterfall was appreciated by composers and directors so this is one more good place for romantic type date in Iceland. By the way, many Icelanders live usual routine life and visiting famous tourist attractions might be something that really brings new stream of fresh air into life of your Icelandic girl for which she would be grateful as this makes her feel alive and you get a bonus – she feels it is interesting to spend time with you and this is a great plus, believe me.

No matter it is the first date or the seventh date you probably like to observe nice body of your Icelandic girlfriend. Do you know how to make her take her clothes off during daytime, when it is minus 20 Celsius and in a public place? Got interested? Visit Blue Lagoon in Iceland! This is one of the man-made attractions of Iceland is a chic thermal complex with a “speaking” for itself name in the south-western part of the country. This is a unique thermal pool where the water comes from natural sources and has special healing qualities and people simply ennobled the beaches and created more comfortable conditions for rest and recreation. Isn’t it a nice place for having date in Iceland? I am more than sure that your Icelandic girlfriend would propose you to visit this place herself. For this occasion you better be in a good shape as every girl likes when man has some… muscles. If you liked the topic of hot springs and would like to try it during the date in Iceland you might also visit Landmannalogar National Park. In translation, the name of this national park means “bathing place for all men”. Even the ancient inhabitants of Iceland visited this place to plunge into hot springs. Landmannaloygar is featured with colorful rocks that seem to be doused with paint. Such a phenomenon appeared due to a combination of water from springs and various lava.

If you have a date in Iceland during summer period than visit Skaftafetl National Park. Scaftafetl is characterized by an unusually warm as for Iceland climate – here it is even hot in summer and many birch forests could be found. For the guests of the park there is a tent camp – one more option to have interesting type of date in Iceland.

I will mention Reykjavik as an option for dating in Iceland only briefly. This is nice small city, the capital and here you will find places for usual date like everywhere in the world – pubs, bars, restaurants.

If you would like to spend few dates with your Icelandic girl in a row and also check how strong your relations really are then choose to visit Leuhavegur. This is one of the most popular tourist routes in Iceland. The length of Leuigavegur is about 55 kilometers, usually a walk takes two to four days, depending on the physical conditions of tourists. The route passes through a very picturesque area, along the way there are numerous natural attractions. This could be date full of emotions from romantic to hard and negative fatigue but this is good chance to check your feelings, to complete the challenge together, to stay hand by hand, but you both have to be ready for such an adventure.

One more great possibility which you can hardly find during the date anywhere else in the world except for Iceland is to observe Northern Lights. As Iceland is located in the polar latitudes, of course, one can see one of the most beautiful natural phenomena of the planet – the northern lights. Tourists are offered special hiking routes located in areas where the northern lights are best seen. You could use these routs to spend memorable date in Iceland. Such tours are organized from the beginning of October and pass through very unusual places in the country.

As you see, Iceland is full of interesting places to spend date there. The most important is to use imagination and find the best route for you. If you are not sure – ask your Icelandic girlfriend, as Icelandic girl would not appreciate if you will always demonstrate your initiative, even when it is going about places in Iceland for dating. Icelandic women are different than many other women in the world and this is what makes them so special.

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