From Generating Income On Dating Topic To Successful Finding What To Do For A Life

It is not a kind of a story where someone is going to tell how to start earning on the Internet and how successful you could be if you do the same someday. But if I started writing this because suddenly got inspired right before going to bed than it is something important, I guess, though I am not sure whether it is at the moment. It was quite crappy day. Like it was ok, but the weather was changing all the day long and as I am in the mountains it is even more unpredictable. It was one of those days when your previous ideals start to dry up and you think something goes not the way you want it.

Dating is the topic I was always interested in as I am also interested in human psychology (yes, not the alien one) and this aspect always intrigued me. It is not that I am experienced very much in dating, relations with women and stuff. I am just usual guy but I like to improve in different spheres and I like to share my experience as it might help some of you guys. I had this website which is focused on dating for years. From time to time it was generating bigger or smaller income and from time to time I had ideas to improve it. I was trying and had some success as well as unpredictable falls. As every normal guy I had a dream to make it generate such income which would let me do what I want and travel around the world. But I made a mistake. When you think about money it spoils everything creative and pure which goes from the heart. I will explain. It is not that money are bad, I am not talking about this. Money is great as they help us to fulfill our ideas and plans into life. But when you start doing something you have to do it from your heart, you have to do what you really love and this should be something useful to other people and then you will get your income for sure. It is not something new to me, but I did not do anything right even though I knew this simple truth described above for years.

I was trying to earn by generating content on special topics, writing articles by followed in advance plan. It was working still, but not on the level I wanted it to work and here is why. I was writing articles on special narrow topics and it was making me feel as if I am in the cage into which I put myself on my own will. I could not get one simple thing – if I want to write about dating and share my own experience I have to write it on the topics I want. As soon as I realized it everything has changed. I am not bored when I am writing my articles. I really feel happy when people share my articles on Facebook and other social networks between friends as it shows they are interesting and valuable for some people. I write article quickly and the whole process makes me feel real pleasure where I do not look at the clock. I generate much more content as I used before and I almost do not get tired because I just like to share my thoughts. That is really cool.

I still can’t get why I did not understood this earlier. It all started today when I was coming back home from work. I like my work where I have live communication with people, but I like writing and creating content much more. The problem is that I can’t generate enough income on the website so to focus only on it. At the same time I need to do something else except for writing as it makes me more relaxed, inspired and switching between activities positively influences my nervous system and health. So, it was relatively crappy day and I was coming back home from work as I said before. I was thinking that even if I work for many years I could hardly earn enough to buy house here in the mountains I love so much. Websites also did not bring much but took a lot of energy. And I asked Universe or God (choose option which fits you more) what is the way out? Like my arguments were I have the net and boat and ocean but I don’t know how to catch enough fish. And I asked God (Universe) help me to understand what should I do. I always knew there is way out to earn pretty big money which I need for my future family. I knew there is the answer and I even knew this answer but I could just not see it. And the answer is easy: you have to do what you like and it should be useful to people and needed by them. And I started to write. To help people finding each other.

Since it is so easy now to write not limiting myself in artificial borders I feel really great. Dating is so wide and interesting topic and writing articles on dating surely helps people find mutual contact. I am happy I understood this. Of course, I am not sure this article would blow on the Internet like hype or virus technology but million shares would be great stimulus to create more. Yes, I am calling you to share, because if you are reading this text it means you liked what I wrote and so your friends may like it as well. My personal truth was pretty close to the surface as it was only needed to do the same what I did before but without restrictions on narrow topics. And that is just really great! And now I am going to sleep as I wanted to before writing this post.

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