Frankly: How American men see Russian women

After spending more than a year in New York, you can surely tell where in the crowd where are girls from Eastern Europe (the speech does not count). They have something special in their tenacious, arrogant and a little uppity look. The manner of dress will tell you a lot: leggings “under the skin” with transparent insert at hip level (such worn without underwear), platform shoes and high heels, open blouses and dresses.

Russian language often could be heard in NY subway from stylish ladies, modestly dressed student or business woman in strict gray three-piece suit. Russian ladies who live in America do not want Americans to see them only as temporary girlfriends with sexual accent, whom they can take into expensive rent by going for the restaurants and clubs or to show off to friends. But maybe the situation is not as pessimistic as it seems to many Russian women? Interesting, what American men think about women from Eastern Europe?

Matt, 40, Arizona. I’ve never met a woman from Eastern Europe, but a couple of times was the victim of Internet fraud when dating online with girls from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine spoke with beauties, sent money at their request for a visa and a plane ticket to the United States, came to meet them to the airport and one never showed up. But I had a girl friend from the former Eastern Germany and we communicate with her even before the wall was destroyed in Berlin. I was always very curious to talk to her as it was completely different culture. This was an important and interesting experience. Russian ladies are very confident in their appearance and have clear idea of what they want from life. With some of them I was talking on the phone and they noticed they love and know how to cook. This, as I understand it, is one of the main advantages of Russian ladies, not counting the beauty. Still, Russian women are much attached to the family and I like that a lot. Russian-American couples have a future if the family value is so strong for those couples. Despite the fact that I was so ugly cheated, I’m optimistic and have respect to the Slavic women. I am very curious man and all unfamiliar always intrigues me. Language, in my opinion, will not be a barrier. I do not think German is harder to learn than Russian. For anyone, if he wants to grow as a person, it is important to learn languages throughout all life. What is really difficult to find, not only in relations with the Russian girls, is trust. It’s hard to trust someone when you talk at a distance. You cannot say that Russian girls are more interesting and beautiful than American, and vice versa. We just live in different environments. American women often do not allow men to lead the family and so many of us want to marry a woman from Eastern Europe to have enough freedom to work, to support a woman, while she creates comfort at home and takes care of the children. What could be better than a strong, close-knit family? I spent a lot of time in the German families visited them on a family holiday, and it is amazing how strong their family values are. Three generations can simultaneously coexist in one house, because it is too expensive to live independently from their parents. And people manage not to quarrel, to treat each other with love. It should be taken as the example of happy family relations.

Jack, 30, LA. I am open to everything new and for me it does not matter what country a girl that I like comes from. You see, men are looking for love. They can admit it or not, but all of us, deep down want to be loved for real, in joy and in sorrow, in any material prosperity. When there is love and trust, is it so important is she Russian or American? Any relationship needs some time to get the higher level. She grew up in a different world, she has other values, beliefs. The main thing is to find something in common and hold on to it. Help her adjust to the new reality and enrich yourself with her inner world. As for the stereotypes of girls from Eastern Europe, you probably think that people in United States think Russian girls are “mail-order brides” who are looking for rich husband? You are wrong! There are a lot of such girls among American women as well. Quite often I have seen many pairs, when he is 60 and she is barely 20 and he is a millionaire and she is a model. Eastern European women are more focused on trying to find a life partner, not a sponsor. It is important that the child appeared in the international family could speak in languages of both parents. I have a daughter from Hungarian woman. She’s not very eager to teach the child Hungarian as we live in LA. But I insist as I want our daughter to know language and history of her mother’s native country. It was sail a lot about the beauty of Slavic girls. They have something in appearance, which is very catchy. Probably their eyes, yes, that’s what it is! Plus Russian accent is very sexy. They always want to look their best, more than American women use decorative cosmetics. They spend money easy if we are talking about the wealthy Russian lady. They have high standards and want the best.

Gordon, 28, Dallas. I was dating with the girls from Eastern Europe. It was a pleasant experience. It is interesting to talk on various topics with someone whose views on life are very different from yours. It is definitely that features of Russian girls have something special. They have a very sensual, natural beauty and it is in everything, starting from body, style and finishing with an accent. Russian ladies are extremely attractive. By the way, I know some Russian names like Olga, Tatiana, Natalia, Alena, Anastasia, Victoria, Alisa. If a man is looking for his wife-partner, then Slavic woman is just what he needs. Slavic women are obedient, loyal, and honest, open to entertainment, travel, know a lot about food, restaurants and know how to enjoy the simple things. I seriously admit that between me and a woman from Eastern Europe could be a serious relationship, even marriage.

But my main concern about Russian girls which I call “sore spot” is they take everything for granted. I have not heard words of thanks, did not feel that they appreciate my attitude to them, my desire to make them happy. Maybe it’s just my experience. But if I venture again into relations with a girl from Eastern Europe, I would like not only to give, but also feel the impact of her. Let it be a dinner prepared as a surprise for my return home, or an offer to go somewhere for the weekend, get in a little trip for two. I like to be surprised and I want to be close to the one that will surprise me. Plus a little bit of gratitude. With regard to children, the question what language they speak is not even discussed. Of course, children should speak the languages of both parents. It is useful in the life of a child and during visits to relatives (I hope they will) want to see the kid was talking fluent in Russian and able to easily understand their grandparents.

Howard, 30, Denver. I was dating with the Slavic woman. I rate this as a positive experience. She was a nice girl, beautiful and intelligent. For a while, everything was good, but, unfortunately, it didn’t lead to long term relations or marriage. I do not know whether among Americans there are any stereotypes about Russian girls and how they differ from representatives of other countries. I would say what I am sure is that girls from Eastern Europe are one of the most beautiful in the world. Some of my friends say that Russian women are family oriented and thus know their place. They are delightful mistress. For them it is paramount, that the man earned well. They are good at kitchen. They have a strong will. I also think that not all of this is to take for granted. I am absolutely sure that the relationship between Americans and women from Eastern Europe are possible. You just need to find the one with which there is “chemistry” with which you feel happy. The language in this case is not such a significant barrier, as well as differences in religion and culture. Different social structures are important when the individual men and women are formed. The social structure creates different attitudes towards work, leisure, family life. If I married a Russian woman, I definitely would like to see my children equally well speak Russian and English. What are the names of the Russian women I know? Elena, Milana, Victoria, Katerina, Anna. All these names belong to the women with whom I was communicating at different times. Some of them are hard to remember because of the difficult pronunciation, but if you really remembered, you would never forget.

Dean, 25 years old, Nevada. Girls from Eastern Europe are passionate, strong natures, who by their words and actions often lead us into confusion. They are like a puzzle that can be solved forever. As a rule, they are beautiful, but I cannot easily pick them in the crowd just in appearance. Definitely there is variety of types of Eastern European girls. Before I started to live and work in Thailand, I had no idea how different features of Russian girls can be. When I told my friends in the United States about it, they were hard to believe me. To many Americans Russian women appear as an image of Kournikova, light-skinned blonde with blue eyes. What are other stereotypes? Russian girls are sexy, temperamental, struggling for traditional family life, where man is the head of the family and a woman is the keeper of the family hearth. There are so many stereotypes and generalizations, especially those related to sexuality and extreme indifference to the struggle for gender equality. But it is very individual. Conflict in relations of American man with Russian woman is inevitable as the inevitable is conflict of two different cultures, behaviors, expectations. A lot of difficulties are possible to meet for both, but real obstacles will concern common to all couples (and not only international) problems in the relationship, such as confidence mature behavior and thinking, “chemistry”, i.e. mutual sexual attraction. The main advantage, I think, will have a child born in a pair. After all, child would easy speak in two main languages of the world.

Shaun, New Mexico. Let’s start with Russian names that I know Alla, Christina, Irina, Tatyana, Natasha, Natalya, Dinara, Albina, Darya, Zhanna, Lyubov, Eugenia, Nadia, Galya, Inga, Lena, Anya, Elena, Oksana, Anastasia, Ludmila, Olga, Julia, Lidia, Larisa, Anna, Victoria, Valentina, Antonina. I am also interested in what is called “the Russian soul”. I mean unique experiences, opinions, views. No matter how they present themselves, no matter how they adjust to a new country, the “Russian soul” always stands out. Those who are not fixated only on the exterior and have also spiritual beauty, as if lit from within! Men notice and feel it, this girl is always special, always stands out from the crowd. Of course, Americans have a lot of stereotypes of Russian women, drawn from movies. “Exotic Russian woman seducing an American spy, as he tries to steal top secret plans for a new submarine …” Or: “The rich American sees a poor Russian girl and moved with pity for her (she in fact cannot even afford the heater), marries, takes her to New York, lodges in his luxury apartment, buying her “Hammer”… Or: “Russian girls are wearing fur cap, are stunningly beautiful, eating borscht, drink more vodka per day than the American per year, want your money and US passport, need attention and you ran around, and all of them are secret agents.” If you had asked me 10 years ago, is marriage between me and the Eastern European woman possible, I would have said no. But now the world is changing. Now, I believe that a serious relationship and marriage between me and the “right” women from Eastern Europe is highly possible.

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