Foreigners consider Belarusian girls… accessible

Belarus is very weird country in terms of everything. It seems that time has stopped there when the Soviet Union was collapsing. Really, people over there behave in very interesting way, if they are constantly afraid of something and what is even more – they are very tired of living such stressful life. If to talk about girls, they seem to be so eager to escape from the country that use every opportunity to get acquainted with foreigner and do everything for foreigner so he would like to have some long lasting relations with her. The only problem is that such type of girls is not interesting for men who would like to build strong long lasting relations. Ready to do everything, including going to bed means ACCESSIBLE and such girls men use just for one night stand pleasure. It is too bad Belarusian girls do not understand it in vast majority and keep “selling” themselves for cheap.

Earlier Belarusian girls were sure that they are under attention of foreigners because of their genuine Slavic beauty. Foreigners in Minsk are very pressing in proposing girls to go for a date, to have a coffee, to visit restaurant or to spend time together. Is it going only about beauty? There are many other representatives of Slavic countries like Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Czech Republic, but for some reason foreigners choose exactly Belarus. Is there some special reason? The reason is obvious. Foreigners visit Belarus with purpose to have fun with accessible girls. This is their only aim of the visit and they start their search immediately after landing in airport. And it is not even needed for them to look for special type of girls, because Belarusian girls are so eager to get acquainted with foreigner that they will go with him to bad for a few cocktails and Japanese sushi.

There is no need for foreigner to visit some special places to find there representatives of the oldest profession. They just visit clubs and find there many girls eager to have sex with foreigner. As prices for average foreigner in Belarusian bars and clubs are very cheap it seems for average foreigner he got to paradise. It is like Hollywood looking babes, but very accessible for you, average German plumber, average American carpenter, average Italian pizza seller.

On holidays and weekends many Russians and other foreigners come to visit Belarus because casinos are legal in the country. Some of them do not want to rent a hotel and even have bought apartments in Minsk to visit lover-girls there. The parents of these girls send them last money as they think for their daughter to rent an apartment, and their daughter actually lives in the apartments of her lover. When the sponsor comes she is completely ready to give him full service, and for the rest of the time she lives for fun and her own joy. And this is not an isolated case.

Many foreigners for their hard work during the year as a gift get pay vacation to Belarus. Not a resort country… but! They get relax from the family and unwind to the fullest, including fun with Belarus girls, many of the visitors definitely do not mind to have such a “rest”.

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