Foreign husbands for Ukrainian women

“My favorite Russian accent” – heard I man’s voice from behind. “What’s your name, Russian beauty? Perhaps thou shall write your phone number? “- cheeky tone of stranger caused a lot of disturbances. I proudly replied “I am Ukrainian!” But Americans seem to be indifferent to whether I am from Ukraine, Belarus, or Russia. All the people from the former Soviet Union he called «Russians». I tried to explain tactfully that Ukraine and Russia are two different countries, but I’ve read contempt in eyes of unpleasant stranger. “Let’s have a drink in a less crowded place?” – continued that bold face. Disclaimer embarrassed him more, and he splashed even more dismissive thing to my address: «Common! Russian women are easy! ». For me, these words were an insult, but later I found their explanation.

I told about that situation to my classmates, foreigners with whom we taught English, and to my English-speaking friends and received a reply, which was not expected. Unfortunately, many Ukrainian women proved them not from the best side while have meeting with foreigners. My friend Iryna lives in Spain for over 10 years and has also faced with the same problem. She went there for a work visa and subsequently met with the Spanish man, which is happily married to for nearly six years. “When friends of my future husband learned about my origin, initially skeptical mocked his choice. There were even some situations when we had rest together in the company of my husband’s friends and their new friends from Ukraine and Lithuania. Attitude of Spanish men towards Ukrainian and Lithuanian women was extremely disrespectful, but our beauties patiently tolerated with insult and disrespect”, – says Iryna. That is what attitude has faced with one Ukrainian woman in U.S.A. and her friend in Spain. And here we described only one case out of many.

Frenchman Gerard, fellow of my English classmate, talked for a long time to Ukrainian girl on the Internet. “Very clever, but such a poor girl – that was his first impression of Svitlana. – I strongly supported her, send her money. But one day she wrote that her mother died, and she has no money for the funeral ceremony. Without a thought, I immediately transferred funds through the «Western Union» and ordered a basket of flowers as a gesture of sincere condolences. But the flowers were no one to pass, as she disappeared, the phone did not answer, and home address was false”.

It is worth mentioning another category of women – with too inflated ambitions. With gorgeous natural data, such women are convinced that deserve life “of the highest quality.”

“If a millionaire wants to have the beautiful wife, he has to pay. I’m not going to give myself just to a simpleton from Ukraine “”, – looking at her pretty face in the mirror, says student Ivona. Approvingly that girls self-esteem is so high, but whether she is aware that the level of intellectual development that has been taken from fashion magazines and night clubs will not suit the needs of millionaire who needs a partner for life, and not a private prostitute.

There is one more interesting story, told by English businessman. Enjoying his experiment, John created two types of questionnaires. In one, he pointed out that he is successful businessman in the UK and made the image of a man whose face even had somewhat repulsive defects. In other profile he posted his true image, but pointed out that he has the average unstable income in Ukraine. He wrote to Ukrainian beauties from both web pages and it appeared that each girl received two letters: one from the rich and quite unattractive man from Britain and the other from the handsome poor man from Ukraine. More than two dozen women responded to ugly businessman, and only three Ukrainian girls were willing to talk to Ukrainian guy.

Omar, young man from Tunisia, said that many times on the Internet he’s acquainted with girls from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and other countries of the former Soviet Union. Talks to some of them were very interesting, but it was the exception rather than the rule. Most of the women complained to the hard fate in the homeland, poverty and used all sorts of tricks only to ask for money. They told, for example, they have to pay for Internet or need to recharge cell phone. Often after receiving the money they stopped communicating.

“I willingly went on a business trip to former CIS countries when he had such opportunity “- laughing, tells Omar. “I often used services of marriage agencies and had a choice of 8-10 beauties. Most of them were in fact readily available and often visits ended in my hotel room. After the trip I informed the Agency that none of the girls is my dream.” Travel to the countries of the former USSR Omar jokingly called sex tourism.

It is clear that some foreigners come to Ukraine to meet a truly loved one. Perhaps even most of them are. But imagine for a moment that this man was not meant to find a companion and is not even like Omar, who arrived in Ukraine with a desire to get satisfaction in his free time. A foreigner, who is looking for representatives of the oldest profession, would have a wide field of space for his actions and many girls are willing to forget the basic safety measures, just to leave Ukraine as soon as a foreigner will pick her.

Ukrainian women’s expectations about life “out there” are very often overpriced. In does not mean that Ukrainian girls should avoid aliens, foreigners must be to them the same people, but grown up in a different environment. Among foreigners are both: heroes and villains, respectable people and crooks. Therefore, when communicating on the Internet it is recommended not trust foreigners more than common sense tells you.

Victoria met on the web with John, attractive tall British. Several times he flew to visit her for one or two days and it was very nice and romantic. Their communication was close to wedding. But next visit John came out of the airport all pale and said that he had his money, credit cards and documents stolen. He added that should transfer 8000 dollars for some business contract on the same day, otherwise he will have great trouble with his business. Kind hearted Victoria proposed to help her “almost bride” and gathered the required amount with the help of relatives and friends. Firstly John refused, but then, promised to return the money, just after he comes back to London. Then he got on a plane and never appeared in the life of Victoria.

There are many tools that you can use to protect yourself from scams, communicating on the Internet. But any precautions are not useful when a person does not respect itself such as it is. Low self-esteem and self-doubt often push Ukrainian nicest, most endearing and most attractive women to the embrace of foreign fraudsters.

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