Foreign husbands for Colombian women

American man Josh, a friend of mine, was chatting for time with Colombian girl via Internet messenger. He described her as intelligent, but very poor girl from the Country, she probably should not live in because she deserves better. That was his opinion on Laura. He was giving her emotional and economical support and often sends money for family needs, as she told. One day she wrote some of her close relatives died, and she needs money to organize the funeral. Josh very quickly transferred money through «Western Union». As the result or honor, respect and willing to express condolence he ordered flowers at the international flower deliver agency and what was his surprise when he found out Laura’s home address didn’t exist and phone was turned off probably forever. He was scammed.

If to talk about types of Colombian girls, there is one category of extremely ambitions. They have a lot of authoritative men near who give them presents and want to get their attention. Those women are naturally beautiful and because of that are completely sure they deserve princess life and behave themselves like that.

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Some Colombian girls say they are not going to sacrifice themselves to Colombian simpleton. They think if rich man wants to have beautiful wife he has spend money to get her. Some girls self-esteem is to high and they do not find understanding that if man is reach, he could find himself tons of such pretties and not Colombian for sure, because there are prettier and easily accessible. They have such small intellect level that do not understand rich foreign man is looking not for private prostitute, but for beautiful, intelligent and feminine girl, who could be loving wife and would give birth to their children.

We also would share interesting story, told by American businessman. Stan was happy to enjoy the experiment by which he has created two types of profiles. For the first one, he wrote he is successful USA businessman and put the ugly picture of old man whose face even had some defects and scars. For the second profile he used his true picture, but informed he has low unstable income in Colombia. He wrote to Colombian beauties using both pages and sent each girl two letters. The first from the rich but ugly USA guy who runs big business and the second one from the nice good looking, but poor guy from Colombia. About 25 women wrote back to ugly guy, and only 3 Colombian girls had desire to wrote back for pretty but poor Colombian guy.

Yokoshiro, young man from Japan, told he had chats on the Internet with many Colombian, Bolivian and even Peru girls. Some conversations were very interesting and desirable, but it was more exception than the rule. Because mostly they were complaining to the hard Colombian life, poverty, sicknesses of relatives sometime and used different tricks to ask for money. For example, some were telling they have to pay the Internet bill, have to put some money on the cell phone and such style tricks. After receiving the sum of money the communication usually was finished.

Canadian businessman Hardy tells he went on business trip to Colombia just right after he got that opportunity. He used the service proposed by marriage agencies and found 10 Colombian girls to choose from. Hardy tells most of them are available and easy so there is nothing weird such visits were logically finished at his hotel room. Hardy did not forget to inform the Agency that he didn’t find what he was looking for. He calls in humorous manner his Colombia travel sex tourism.

Surely there are many foreigners who visit Colombia to find a true love. Perhaps, not most of them, but many foreigners find true love. We do not know the statistics but let us think about 30 percents. Let us imagine being in this men’s shoes. He did not come to Colombia having desire to get romantic pleasure or find the oldest profession girls. He came here in search of a possible bride but proposed to access easy love instead. There is also a fact Colombian girls are do not think of safety measures and go for date with every foreigner in hope to leave Colombia soon as his wife. But foreigners are also different; there could be some such ones and even perverts, that’s why girls should be aware as well.

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Colombian women expect life overseas is very nice and easy and everyone is rich and has do less for that. This is not Colombian girls should avoid foreigners, but have to be smart enough to treat them as usual people with the only difference: they grew up in a different cultural environment. There are heroes and villains among foreigners as among Colombians, as well as respectable people and those who does not deserve for that. In any case always remember about safety whether it is online safety or street safety.

Maria met Greg on the web. He was attractive tall American. Four times he took a flight to Colombia to visit her for few days and it was very romantic. Everything was leading to wedding as Maria thought. But once Greg visited Colombia once more and told Maria he had documents, money and credit card stolen. He told he needs to transfer 5000 dollars for business contract and if not he will be in trouble. Kind hearted Maria was from rich family as for Colombia and had friends who were earning good money so she helped Greg. She asked friends and parents for money to help her future fiancé. Greg was very thankful and promised to return the money back, just after he comes back to USA. After he got on a plane, Maria has never seen him again.

Protect yourself from Internet scams while communicating on the web. There are many tools for that. But low self-esteem of Colombian women sometimes pushes those nice attractive women to the embrace of foreign fraudsters.

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