First dating with girl from Romania

First date is the first step to some new feelings and adventures; first date could be the beginning of something very great and even exotic or it could be your fail as well. Every man and woman is waiting for the first date with anticipation and it is not going about gender. If you are the men, you probably would wait for the first dating with Romanian girl than any other girl as the prettier girl is, the more uncertain guy would feel; and as we know, Romanian girls are extremely beautiful.

If you want to show yourself being a real man during the firs date with Romanian girl you have to think about details of this dating time and to follow some plan but this should look natural, you have to remember about agenda you made out before but to act according to the situation. For example, if you planned dating in the most expensive restaurant in Bucharest you have already been before and even imagine the picture of the date and which table you are going to sit at and the girl would like to visit some cozy café she likes, you have to agree and not to yell or be to serious and persuade her to visit restaurant; you may ask her gently whether she would like to visit a restaurant as it would be a great pleasure for you, but do not persuade Romanian girl.

If you have made an appointment at some place, please, be there in time. If you choose to pick up the girl by car, you have to be at the place in advance; and remember, Romanian girls like to be late for 3 to 5 minutes as it is kind of a rule of etiquette for a girl to be a little late.

During your first date pay all the attention to your Romanian girl and don’t let anyone to interrupt you unless this is a waiter who has brought you a bottle of wine. You have to forget about your business and other deals, appointments and any other things that would disturb you. Remember that you will never make the second impression during the first date and impression about you might be spoiled forever. If woman feels lack of attention from your side, she would not be interesting in you. Well, it is truth that at first woman pays attention to the man who is quite ignorant about her among other men, but this does not work when it is going about first date where you have to do your best in showing real passionate interest in the girl.

What to talk about on the first dating with girl from Romania? Well, here I could give you at first good advices what is better not to mention and not to talk about. Do not talk too much as women do not like talkative men; in imagination of Romanian woman, man has to be decisive and better make actions than to play with words. Ask your girl some interesting questions, keep the flow of the speech but do not talk too much, that’s rule number one. Rule number two during the first date sounds like “Never ask women about confession.” Here I am talking about those men who have just broken up with girlfriend and tell a new girl how bad the previous girlfriend was. It is completely stupid thing to do and later I will tell you why. Reason number one you have to be quiet about your ex, because new girl could think some day you could talk about her like this; she might think you are bad in something that girl has left you (never tell new girl your ex has left you, but not you were initiator of that brake). Reason number two: you seem to be weak in the eyes of new girl.

You have to cause positive emotions during the first date. Be patient and innovative, keep some secrets and never open all the cards on the table; rephrasing it, do not tell the story of your life from the early childhood till now, describing every detail – this might not only be boring, but could show you are too much concentrated on yourself, show you are a little selfish and do not pay too much attention to the girl. On the contrary, every Romanian girl would like to be in the middle of your attention. You have to bath a girl in the ocean of attention and do it in every way you know:

– ask her questions;
– ask her about her preferable ways to have rest;
– ask her about views on life, about family;
– keep the talk alive;
– use your sense of humor
– make your lady indirect compliments

… and those are only general advices, how to act and what way to choose you have to decide by the situation and that would be the best natural way out. You have to remember prepared plan, but to be flexible at the same time and react properly on changes, weather even; needs of your girl; just enjoy the life that is so beautiful, there is nothing impossible and dating is a game.

Probably the main thing is to be confident on the first date. Non only Romanian women, but all the women like self-confident men, who are ready to reach the aim. Such approach has been kept in genes for centuries and works on subconscious level. If woman see confident man, she think he could protect her, provide her with all material needs and he could be a candidate to create future family as he is capable to protect and provide family as well – can you imagine all these thoughts are made as the conclusion in woman’s brain just for a few seconds as the woman meets man for the first time. If such a conclusions are made just within a few seconds, could you imagine what is in woman’s brain during the first date and after the first date. Keep that in mind, having a good time with Romanian woman while dating her the first time in your life.

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