First date with Russian girl – how to behave

One warm evening I have been having a dinner alone in a cute open-air restaurant near the main bridge in Budapest. At the next table sat a couple of Russian lovers: such a cool guy who looked like young pop star and his wonderful satellite – amazing blonde baby doll. As I was alone, I started to observe for them a little bit. Truly, as for me it was rather strange behavior of the both of them. The guy has been late, so this girl has been waiting for him over 30 minutes. When he finally came, there were no flowers in his hands, which we all have heard Russian girls like so much, – he has brought nothing. I even started to think that these two are relatives: a brother and a sister for example. But no, in a minute he kissed her right in her lips – they were definitely lovers. And this young beautiful girl looked like very happy, but I could not understand why. The behavior of the guy was rather selfish. They were definitely speaking Russian which I used to learn at the university.

I was trying to understand why Russian girls communicate with such guys? And what manner of behavior should be while first date with Russian girls?

I have been analyzed several couples where a woman was Russian and made some useful, I really hope they are, – conclusions. Firstly, never try to be liked by her too much. Or she will lose the interest to you. Russian girls like to solve riddles, so you never should become like the already read book for her. While first dating, you have to be very much balanced in what you ask and what you answer. But this my first advice applies good enough for Russian girls, who do not care about true loving guy.

Fortunately not all the Russian girls act that way. There are many other wonderful ones, which have the ability to real infallible love feelings. If you are going to have first date with such Russian girl, you have to behave another way than I have described above. Below I write some good and livable tips for you.

  • When you get known that you want to have a real date with a girl from Russia, try to be persevering and consistent, but never impose on her;
  • Try to be extra honest with her, then she will let you know have you any chances of true relationships or no. Believe me, good Russian girl does not want to waste her and your time for unsuccessful relations;
  • If the date is taking place and now you are sitting across from each other, break the emotional distance between you and her. Tell her that you always very much afraid of the first date, that you are nervous enough. Russian girl will appreciate your trust to her and will become more loyal to you;
  • Never talk about women you have had before this day in your life with the Russian girl at your first date;
  • If your date is going in the restaurant do not be rude with waiters, do not look at other women, and, by the way, do not be stingy. Russian mentality does not accept greed in all manifestations;
  • If the date is going right way, you both are really enjoying of it, then you probably can start talking about sex, look at her reaction and if you understand that she wants it too, then you can make this wish of the both come true, but be very careful, do not make any rude hints and observe the girl; sex on the first date with descent Russian girl is hardly possible… but possible.

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