First Date with Icelandic Girl: vital Advices

Sometimes the first date in Iceland could lead to the long-term relations in the future. Why sometimes? Because, it depends on you in about 70%. The rest 30% belong to other stuff like differences between personalities (you and the girl) and personal dislikes. If you impress Icelandic girl at the first date you will have chances to dating in the future. Pay attention to such stuff like “first impression” and your natural behavior, as it is always better to be yourself and finally have no relations in the future (if she didn’t like you) than pretend someone else and finally have problems because of that. Remember, for every kind of pretending you will have to “pay” sooner or later. There are some guys who would like to find girl in Iceland just for one night stand and therefore pretend macho or very rich guys with yachts and gold in the bathroom, but now we are talking about different thing, exactly about real dating with Icelandic girl and how to get that work.

Widely known women in Iceland prefer submissive guys, but if you are not one of them, don’t be disappointed, remember to be yourself as every rule has exceptions, and of course, not all women in Iceland like to be dominate. Maybe this vivid thing about morally weak guys in Iceland is not true at all. As a male you have to be sure in what you do and show your confidence at the same time giving huge space for woman you are trying to have relations with. By such attitude you will definitely get respect of the woman and if no, this means that was not the one you were looking for. Not you type and that’s it.

How to impress Icelandic girl on the first date? Firstly, do not forget about your appearance. It has to be neat and attractive for woman, but not too much extravagant. Do not overuse perfumes, everything has to be up to some normal extend or golden middle, whatever you call it. The other, even more important than appearance thing on the first date, is your ability to talk. Your voice has to be confident and your words have to flow like a song. The timbre of voice has to be pleasant for women’s ears. Remember, women have more developed and active area of the brain that is responsible for listening. First date is kind of the game and sometimes you have give way for the girl, be kind of surrender and the other moment show her you are possessive. The aim of this game is to make both of you interested.

What about alcohol on the first dating evening in Iceland? Alcohol is known as universal way to unite people everywhere, but there are many “but”. Iceland is known as the country where people like to drink strong alcohol and this is very often the way to pick up the girl in the bar, but if you are on the date, the way to use this universal “recipe” is different. This time a bottle of wine would be more suitable. It would help to get out the strain that usually is present on the first date, but at the same time it won’t let you get too drunk. In any case, to not drink too much and never propose alcohol if the girl is alcoholic, as it might even offends her.

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Let us come back to the aspect “What to wear on the first date with Icelandic girl” and pay more attention to the details. I’ll repeat once more the most important is to be yourself, but at the same time try to impress the girl in a positive way. Dress up comfortable and the clothes have to be casual. It is not the rule, but it works well in most cases, rather than official suit of sportswear on the contrary. Wear jeans and sweater or T-shirt (it is rather cold in Iceland), preferably clothes has to be with no holes, even if it is the last trend in the world of fashion. By the way, it is not that cold in Iceland as average year temperature is a little warmer than 0 degrees, so it’s not deep minus all the time, as many might think.

Think in advance about what to do on the first date as it is not usually just sitting in the restaurant. As the man you have to propose some options confidently. Iceland is known for geysers and open basins, so you could use this option. Kayaking near islands of Iceland is also a way to spend the date, but probably not the first one, as for me. Show your interest in Icelandic culture and the girl would show you place to visit at the first date with pleasure. If you are not interested, don’t offend the girl, as such offenses are the harshest. She also understands this is the date and will choose places interesting and suitable for this at the same time.

What to talk about on the first date with Icelandic girl? The topics might be different. If it is going about you, tell her about your achievements. Do not talk a lot about plans for the future as she might be scared you are trying to marry her tomorrow and steal her freedom. Ask the woman questions; show your interest in her by your sight, eyes and by your delight. She has to see you liked her and you are interested in her personality, at the same time she must get interested in you. If you seem boring to her, this is the worst thing could happen on the first date as it would automatically mean the last date.

The main hints about how to deal with Icelandic woman on the first date you have got from this article and the rest is up to you. Control the situation, use charm, humor and send out confidence. By such minimum of obligatory things you will surely get success.

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