First date with Hungarian girl

So, you are going to have the first date with Hungarian girl, but you are not sure whether you can impress her in a good way? You don’t know how to behave and what to speak about? There are few simple rules which would help you not only make a good impression on your Hungarian spouse, but also cause her desire to meet again.

First of all most of Hungarian girls have ability to be late. If your Hungarian spouse called you in advance and informed you these are good news for you. You will wait for her, but already without annoying thoughts why she is late, what has happened, ‘maybe she treats me not seriously’, maybe something has happened with her and stuff. It is also a good idea to ask her in advance for how long she is going to be late so you could plan your time and come for the date in advance.

It is very important to be in a good mood at the first date with Hungarian girl. You can make meditation before, listen to your favorite music or self-suggestion: when you are along, keep telling yourself you are the best, you are fun, you are confident and so on (this method works well in front of the mirror). This method will surely help the girl to like you.

Hungarian girls like when guy brings her flowers for the first date, so be prepared and buy nice bouquet of roses, for example. It is not necessarily not buy huge bouquet, you can buy 3-5 roses; presenting roses is a good option because it is classic and it is good to use it until you don’t know your Hungarian girl’s preferences. You can choose mild tones of colors, but red one is also good. Be sure that Hungarian girl would appreciate your efforts. In general flowers help to show your tenderness and attention.

As for presents on the first date for Hungarian girl, here you have few options, but it is the best to act depending on the situation. Some small souvenir, some memorable little thing that will remind about you is good thing to do.

Hungarian girls like decisive and brave guys, so do not be afraid. Speak in a confident and hard voice. Communication should be easy and relaxed, so it’s best not to touch topics such as politics, religion, sports and sex unless you want to quarrel on the first date. Of course, the girl wants to get you closer, but you do not need to tell her your entire biography yet. Therefore, you should not talk about all your successes, failures, illnesses and sexual benefits. Although, you still can tell her about personal success and achievements if the conversation would lead to this. Keep in mind that if you are not interested in a companion, if you are not asking her questions, Hungarian girl will simply consider that you are not interested in her.

A sense of humor also plays an important role in communication with Hungarian girl on the first date, so prepare a couple of funny stories from your life or from the lives of your friends in advance. You can recall a funny anecdote. But non-stop joking is also not desirable as the girl may doubt you are normal or what is even worse, might think that you are taking drugs. If you see that your Hungarian companion does not understand your humor it is better to postpone the jokes to better times.

As for touches and kisses on the first date with Hungarian girl do it is important to be patient and not over try. Your bullying can spoil everything. First of all touches must be natural and timely. Yes, it is possible inadvertently at laughter to touch her hand, as if reacting to her funny joke. If for your date you have chosen a cinema, then there is a lot more chance that the girl herself wants to touch your hand, especially if you went to a horror movie.

Be prepared that there will be no kissing on the first date with Hungarian girl. This is also normal, especially for a well-educated girl. You can conquer a girl by kissing her hand at farewell. This gesture your Hungarian lady will remember for sure and make a mark that you are gallant and well-educated. It is very important to show Hungarian girl that all your attention belongs to her only. No distracted views on the sides. Moreover, it is strictly forbidden to look at other girls. For you it might be something that does not seem serious, but the lady may think that you are not serious and windy man. She will not be very pleased if you look at other girls.

The key to the success of a good first date with Hungarian is naturalness. Be yourself, do not play other people’s roles. The most important thing is that girl like you as you are. All your noble signs and deeds Hungarian girl will appreciate and make conclusions for you in your favor. Well, now you have learned how to behave and what to talk about on the first date, so now your first date with Hungarian girl is simply doomed to success.

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