First date with girl from Estonia

Going on the first date, not only girls, but also boys are also nervous. After all, it is from the man’s fantasy, intellectual awareness and ability to maintain conversation depends atmosphere on the first date. Men are as carefully as women preparing for a responsible first date and trying to show themselves in front of a girlfriend in all its glory. But sometimes men forget about elementary things, behave strongly showy or, conversely, are overly restrained; because of that an the end of the first date girl remains with not pleasant impression. The tips that will be useful to each man on the first date with Estonian girl will be listed below.

Where to go?

The initiator of dating is most often men, so they choose the place where it will take place. Often, men are not very resourceful in the question of where to go with Estonian girl. At times, men admit a fairly common mistake, and, encountering Estonian girl in a ‘neutral territory’ they give her the right to choose. Asking Estonian girl at the first look innocent question: “Where do we go?” man is falling in the eyes of the girl as most Estonian girls do not like such unobtrusive initiative, because when it comes to the first date, girl cared more about her appearance, rather than the reflection on what place to choose for the first date just to sit and talk in the calmly atmosphere.

Therefore, one of the main tips concerning the first dating with Estonian girl will be a banal request – be the man and offer the option yourself! An exception may be the moment when you discuss future date on the phone in advance and ask a girl whether she wants some specific place to go or she does not really care.

As for the rest, man himself must prove the ingenuity and offer a suitable place for the occasion. For example, you can ask Estonian girl to go to cafe, movie, restaurant, for a walk in the park or the historic city center, at attractions or in the theater. It is important to thinly feel the taste of the girl and take decisions based of them. For example, if a girl is allergic to coffee and sweets, or if she sits on a strict diet, then inviting her to the first date in the cafe will be, at least, unreasonable. Most likely, such young lady prefers hiking or active entertainment, which means that you can invite her for a walk in the city or a beautiful, mysterious park.


Appearance of the guy on the first date with Estonian girl is very important. The most important thing is to get dressed according to the place of your rendezvous. And do not forget about the rule: they meet on clothes, and, therefore, you should look as neat and wise as possible. Try to pick up clothes according to your figure. You can give preference to the eternal classic that suits for most men and dilute it with accessories that will make your appearance not so pretentious. If it is not about dating in a restaurant, then try not to dress too bizarre, leave for later tie and butterflies, but do not fall into the extreme. No sports pants or sneakers. Clothing for dating should be rather casual, especially if the meeting will be held in the daytime. If you stop your choice on a t-shirt and a jacket, it is desirable to unzip it, so psychologically the girl will feel that you are set up openly towards her.

Do not forget about the cleanliness of clothing and footwear. All items of clothing should be stripped and emphasize your style. The negligence should be manifested in details and look like a whimsical whim, but not hint at your lifestyle. Well, of course, do not forget about the fragrance: on the first date with Estonian girl you should smell with light, in any case not sharp or tasty perfume and have the odor of clean body.

Do not forget about flowers when going to the first date with Estonian girl. Estonian girls love when men presenting them flowers in general. Any girl is pleased with such a manifestation of attention as a pretty bouquet. However, remember that you will have to carry it, which means that you should take care that your hands are free. Therefore, it is better to choose a bag over the shoulder instead of badges or briefcases. And do not put money, keys and documents in your pockets. Firstly, there is a risk of losing them, and secondly, it looks very non-presentable.

How to impress Estonian girl on the first date?

First of all, try not to be late and not to adjust Estonian girl with calls, if suddenly she will be delayed. Remember the diplomatic niche – the delay is considered to be 15 minutes. But we advise at the first meeting with Estonian girl to call only after she is half an hour late.

Try to look calm and behave relentlessly. Do not jerk when you hear unexpected questions, in case you do not find the answer – do not be silent, try to joke or say frankly that you can not answer. Do not forget to ask her about her life. It is very important that the first date become a dialogue, but not a monologue. And remember about compliments. Compliments, as well as flowers, cause Estonian women to melt. However, compliments should not be too frank, let compliments refer to the beauty of her hair, the flawlessness of the style, the melodiousness of her voice or the dazzlingness of the smile, but not the size of the breast, the elasticity of the buttocks or the length of the legs.

During the first date it is also undesirable to raise the topic of sex. The touches that you can afford are a light touch to your hand or a kiss on parting. Other gestures may be distorted. Although everything, of course, depends on the plans of the girl on you. Therefore, it is extremely important to be able to improvise and, at the right time, to change the tactics of behavior to show yourself the way Estonian girl wants to see you. Good luck on the first date with Estonian girl.

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