First date with girl from Chile – are you nervous?

No need to be extra nervous when having the first date with girl from Chile. You probably have heard that Chilean girls are demanding, picky and beautiful and you are getting nervous of the fact that maybe you are not corresponding these features in some way and that maybe this date is bad idea and nothing will work out. You have to forget about those worries and be cool. Girls like confident men. It does not matter this is Chilean Girl or any other girl from any other country – you have to be sure in what you are doing. Of course, giving you advice like “stop being nervous” is one of the most useless advices ever. You both are nervous – you and her and this is natural. Try to reduce this anxiety as too much would interfere your normal communication. It is not easy to do, but think about something different that date, think about some pleasant things like beauty of the girl you are dating or even imagine her in bed. Good advice is to talk about different things as when you are talking you reduce anxiety, but don’t talk too much, because you may seem “not enough masculine”.

What to do to make the first date with Chilean girl pleasantly memorable for both of you and to make a good impression at girl from Chile? It is good to behave a gentleman behavior. Your clothes has to be causal or semi casual, but not sloppy. You are going to the date and in Chilean culture it is important to show respect to the girl, if you are dressed in grubby and sleazy clothes, Chilean girl might take it as the sign of disrespect towards her.

During the date make her compliments, but they should be slightly obvious and appropriate as every woman loves compliments and its proved that women actually love with their ears“, but too much of frank flattery make the situation out of normal expectation and woman may bring more harm and to appear rude and primitive male rather than attentive partner. Read also: Chilean girls – dating, ways to get acquainted, tips and places to find them

Use what always works – ask her about Chilean culture. In general, make her tell about herself more, but you should not be silent at the same time and support conversation. If you have good sense of humor – use it, women like when men are positive and able to make them laugh.

Be initiative. Don’t show superiority, respect the woman, but show your initiative, plan in advance what places to visit and where to go, propose what you would like to do. In general women like confident, initiative men who are able to plan. As for some minor things act little spontaneous, but only if it is proper – for example, buy flowers on the street during your walk and present them.

You are able to make first date non trivial, out of standard – go to unusual places, make something extravagant, risky, but memorable, but be careful! Do this if you are VERY sure in your skills and in what you are doing, because this could lead to two extremes: either you win her heart from the very first date or you would seem complete idiot to her and she would never like to meet with you again.

And the last and the most important advice – “NO ADVICES!” Just be natural, behave the way you usually do, be yourself. If she doesn’t like you the way you are, she is not your type and that’s it. There are so many girls in this world and every one is pretty and unique and exotic in her own way, so you have lots of things to do and many dates in future if you only wish! Read also: Must know before dating Chilean girl

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