First date with Czech girl – how to behave?

You know, when it is going about communication with women, they are all the same everywhere in the world – we, men, don’t know what the hell they need and what the heck they are thinking about. Woman is something mystique and could never be discovered, this applies to Czech women as well. No matter how hard you try, you won’t get one and the same result each time. Every time it would be different. And this is because how this was built by Mother Nature. Such kind of things makes us, men, and humanity in general move further, discover, find out new solutions.

When you are going for the first date with Czech girl, the only advice I would give you is REMAIN YOURSELF. Never ever pretend you are someone else; and it is not going about that you are bad actor or than within some time you might forget acting, she would see you are not the one whom you pretend to be. Believe me, women have much stronger intuition than we, men, have. Woman will immediately understand you are pretending and lose interest in you, and if woman is experienced user (Czech women are), she would make you feel ashamed from the first seconds. But this is not the reason why you should NOT pretend being someone else. The main reason why you have to remain yourself is that you never know what type of man particular woman likes and what is more… what type of man she likes at this moment or at this period of life!

Imagine you are shy and modest guy. The world is full of tough guys with short hair cut, swearing, showing muscles and possessing women. But Czech women like experiments and what if this time when she is having a date with such cute, shy, naïve guy she has already got all wet dreaming to put your head between her legs and powerfully and demanding explain you what she wants? If you pretend to be a macho or brutal guy she would laugh and this would be the last date or she will start treat you as funny friend, what is even worse than everything.

You never know how to behave with particular woman, because she doesn’t know this either. If you remain to be yourself one day you will surely find Czech girl who perfectly suits you and she will be happy with you as well. You know, some guys are writing poems for their beloved girls, presenting them flowers, buying expensive presents, help them in everything and express their feelings and what the girl does? She jumps to bad with brutal unshaven neighbor who has no job, no perspectives for future and is enjoying drinking beer and watching football all the day long. How could you understand this women’s logic? Maybe it is better to act irrationally? No, it is better to act in a way your heart tells you, which means TO BE YOURSELF.

On the very first date with Czech girl just be yourself, make spontaneous proposals if you are able to and willing to, surprise her, make her feel fun, don’t let her be bored. She has to be interested in you so much that she would feel the need to meet you once more. And this investments in your possible mutual future you are making here, on the first date. So, why I advice just being who you are on the first date with Czech girl? Because in this case you won’t be that much tensed and stressed, you would be relaxed and confident. Women feel man’s confidence very strongly and it attracts them as honey attracts wasps. What if girl would not like you for who you are? It’s not a problem, it is just not your type of girl. If 5 girls out of 10 don’t like you, it is ok, because it is their problem. There are 5 more who would like to spend their time with you!

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