First date with Bolivian girl – what to do, how to behave, what is better not to do

Bolivia is not very popular destination for tourists and this country is what many Americans has just opened for themselves. There are pluses and minuses of such “isolation” and everyone is looking for something close to themselves. Let’s say you want to visit Bolivia and your goal is dating local girl, where should you start? Or you are already in Bolivia and asked pretty local girl for the date and now are looking for the information how to behave. You are in the right place and in a good hands 🙂

When dating Bolivian girl you should majorly take into consideration atmosphere of Bolivian society and a little deeper to understand the upbringing of Bolivian girls. Bolivian girls were raised to become obedient wife in the future and authority of the man in this country is the prominent thing. Western values of equality and freedom is something fantastic for Bolivian women, even if they would get all that they wouldn’t know how to live further, because that is not the life picture they got used to. As far as you have understood, this is normal for Bolivian girl when the man is leader in everything, moreover, she expects you to be a leader – whether this is a date or any other situation in life. Behave in the way where you show your leading role, but don’t be superior, arrogant or rude.

On the first date with Bolivian girl she expects you to have gentleman behavior. Date is a big thing for Bolivian girl and she would try to be in her best attire, so you should take that into consideration and coexist in some way – dress up in neat and semi formal or casual clothes. The first date should be in the descent restaurant and here it is important for you to arrange place in advance – this would show you care, you able to plan, you are reliable – you are the man. What else? The way you see dating and the way Bolivian girl sees it are most often very different. I’ll try to explain. Read also: Characteristics of typical Bolivian woman

Bolivian girl since childhood were raised to create strong family in the future and all the efforts that are made in sake of this count – the dating is the part of this process in understanding of Bolivian girl. When Bolivian girl is going for a date with you, she already is serious about the future. If you won’t be real asshole during first date, she would expect for long time relations. Actually, she expects you to be a good guy if she agreed for a date. So, the first date and dating in general means for Bolivian girl steps to future strong relations and family life. It might be completely different for you, as you might expect the first date just as some new experience. This is also common for American girls, but not for Bolivian. If you expect some quick way do get Bolivian girl in bed after the first date it is almost impossible, but also would be considered rude and extremely impolite.

On the first date with Bolivian girl you should be yourself. Behave in such a way that everything is easy and a kind of game, as dating process is really kind of game that is played between man and woman. Be confident, as Bolivian women expect the man to be a leader, as we wrote above. Don’t demonstrate your wallet by meaning of the amount of money. Sometimes modest flowers are much better than the most expensive dish in the restaurant.

Remember that there is you – the man, and there is she – the woman; nationality does not play any important role anymore. Woman instinctively feels the man and subconsciously is sable to evaluate who you really are. National factor is important at the very beginning, to make some intrigue, to make it more unique and interesting or even exotic, but during the actual process of dating it actually does not really matter that you are American and she is Bolivian as if you are loser for life she would determine that and even your money won’t help you. If the girl is good she would just never communicate with you again and if she is kind of evil and has some purpose, she would make you use your money on her and you will never see her again. When you are thinking of dating Bolivian, the scheme is similar to dating American and if you have problems dating girls in America, you will have problems dating girls in Bolivia.

During the date show your attentiveness to the girl, try to be mannered and gentle, be relaxed and confident – these features are your best alliances in dating. If you have good sense of humor, try to use it properly, but not too much. Do not talk too much, make girl tell you stories and you become a listener, but involved listener, ask her questions and show your interest even if you are not really interested. Good thing is to ask some questions about Bolivian culture. In general, be a gentleman and everything is going to be ok 😉 Read also: 10 points how Bolivian women are different from American women

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