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Many Americans dream of having a Filipino wife. It is also interesting that Filipino girls also eager to marry a white foreigner, and they are not afraid neither of the financial problems of the groom nor his age. In the Philippines you can see a many pairs where next to a young Philippine beauty you see an elderly American man. What is the secret of Philippine women that makes them so desirable for vast majority of American, Australian men?

Obedient, non-conflicting and non emancipated Filipino women are a real treasure for American man who dreams of creating solid family relations that will last forever and will make both spouses happy, because each of them gets something that he was looking for. About those advantages for every spouse we will talk today. Many Filipino girls do not have a higher education and are not eager to build the career. They prefer to build happy family according to their beliefs and stability, including financial is very important to them. This fact does not allow Philippine women to be primer to their husband and they really don’t even need that as they see their happiness in different things. Filipino wives rarely argue and like to listen to their husband as they feel protected with him and also respect and love the husband. Philippine woman will become an ideal wife, who will admire her husband and obey him without any question.

Probably the most pleasant thing in relations with Philippine is that as wives they always ready for love. Women of this country usually do nor find the reasons to postpone their “marriage duty” like telling stories about the headache and stuff. Filipina woman has everything  alright with her body systems and those systems work well and as every healthy woman they love to have fun in bed. Actually, Philippine girls are considered very passionate. Imagine if you have such wife, hey?

What about divorce if something goes wrong? After becoming wives Philippine women are often against divorce and try to avoid it with all their might. In the desire to save the family they are afraid of shame and gossip at most. Add also a fact that often they live far away from home, i.e. in the U.S. – they have little chance to come back and if the husband is rude it makes a lot of troubles for those women. Filipina women often are afraid to stay lonely and not needed and because of this they try quickly get married even if they don’t really love their partner, especially when they turn 25 or more. There is another reason why Philippine women are trying to keep their marriage with all efforts. National traditions in Philippines are still very strong even in urbanized areas. According to national traditions the bride has to keep her chastity and if the girl is divorced it is hard for her to find local husband because she is not pure anymore. Foreign husbands are also a good solution for such divorced Philippine women.

That is why divorced Philippine beauties move to another cities and try to find their marriage with other Philippine men or with foreign tourists as in home town they have not much chance to find proper fact because of they have already lost virginity. American men do not really pay attention to such things as in American culture it is alright when woman is divorced and the pretty Filipino girls have chances to be married again. Philippine wife is just perfect choice because in Philippines husband is the most important person in the life of his wife and that is why she is very obedient, loves her husband with pure love and keeps the family with trepidation and care.

Filipino wife is a shiny diamond in many senses. She will never become betrayal, will not fool around her husband’s pocket in search of money or check his phone. It is difficult to imagine Philippine woman who will make a scandal because her husband comes home late after work.

Are there some cons of Philippine wives? When you travel the country you pay attention to family couples, where a husband is American and wife is Philippine and their faces shine with happiness because they both have found what they were looking for, but within the time the things have the ability to change and that often happens with married couples. Asian wives are very affectionate, but the passion fades. Although, it is common for all the people in the world, so there is much more pluses than cons in marriage with Philippine woman.

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