Feminine women of Laos

Visiting Laos you get the risk of… get amused and adored by charming Laos ladies. Women of Laos are just gorgeous and American and European women have a lot to learn from their Laos counterparts.

Lao women and are full of own dignity. You can hardly see that in Thailand, for example. Thai girls could be smiling and caring but they still keep the distance as well as they could be stiff, but closed in themselves, unlike Lao women who are open to people and full of feminine power. You really can feel this power on the streets of Laos. When you are surrounded by such positive feminine energy you feel happy that you are here in this place and you can watch them and learn a lot of them.

In the evening on the Mekong Quay general sport activities start to take place. All the people have an evening run or are engaged in simulators, but most part are doing fitness. You can see a few big groups of women where everybody moves along with the music and the commands of fitness trainer. You can see women of all ages here – from the youngest girls who came here with mom to elder ladies who do not feel embarrassed because if their age. Sometimes some group of these women wears special clothes and it seems like you can watch this beautiful action forever.

By the European standards all Laotians are small and slender. And women in Laos are even smaller than local men. Despite small height these brave and strong women have not only to carry the burden of family problems, but also a lot of cargo every day. However, they do not fall into pessimism.

Most of Lao women are dressed in beautiful national skirts which are called and pronounced “sin”, but it has nothing in common with sin LOL, at least  suppose. “Sin”, the so-called national skirts of Laos. This thing only at first glance seems a normal skirt with a straight cut. In fact, each “Sin” consists of three parts. If you see that the upper part of the skirt (belt) is embroidered with a silver thread, then this is a sure sign that the girl is chaste. The main medium part of the skirt can be of any color. The choice of fabric for a skirt speaks about the status in society and the viability of its owner. And in this case, of course, silk is in the leading cloth here. The price of such a skirt is about 1000 baht. Everyone can purchase it, as well as blouses that are sold everywhere. If a “Sin” appeared in your wardrobe, do not forget the basic rule of wearing it: you can not strip your body, show underwear or open your belly. You must be very modest, unless you would be taken for a bar girl.

Of course, there are those who like to wear pants, jeans and other modern clothes among the girls of Laos. They are not condemned, but the attitude towards them is still no longer the same as to those who are wearing national skirts.

Walking down the capital of Laos you see many modestly dressed girls, without jewelry or any bright ornaments, perhaps, except for the main thing – they all were “wearing” friendly smile which made them irresistible. I might conclude that a smile is the main decoration of feminine and beautiful Lao women.

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