Features of character of typical Czech girl

Features of Czech ladies’ national character. Czech women are quite open and liberated. Affectations is not what they tend to, they often say what they think. With men they also behave quite open and unfettered. Almost all the Czech girls and women work. In the Czech Republic it was never accepted for woman sit at home and not to work. After maternity, for example, and even earlier, Czech women are in hurry to go back to work. Czech women are very surprised when they get to know that many women in Eastern European countries are housewives.

Higher Education for the Czech girl is a rarity. Basically Czech women occupy administrative positions for which higher education is not required.

Czech girls are quite peculiar when it is going about the institution of marriage. Marriage for Czech women is welcoming addition to their already comfortable life, but usually nothing more. Many Czech women live without officially registered marriage for more than 10 years and it is considered absolutely normal in Czech Republic and is called “partner relationships”. Czech woman is getting married in an extreme case, when the marriage is legally required or when children are born.

Czech girls are quite liberated. What could be surprising for conservative person is the presence of more than 5-8 lovers in the past is the norm for the average 25-30 years old Czech woman.

Czech women are quite athletic and most of them are interested in a healthy lifestyle, especially young girls. Among inhabitants of big cities there are many vegetarians; many Czech girls comply with strict diet and regularly go to the gym, go for bicycle ride in the summer and skiing in winter.

Czech girls love children and willing to give birth to more than 2 children. In the towns and villages of the Czech Republic there is huge number of clubs for mothers and children.

Czech women belong to Western Slavs and are very different from Eastern Slavs both in appearance and in character. It is hard to imagine the union of man from East and Czech woman, because patriarchal type man is absolutely not compatible with the loseness and openness of Czech woman. The difference in mentality in this case is very strong.

When we are thinking about Czech girls, everyone has some stereotypes, subjective thoughts and call this personal opinion, that is based on own imagination, some movies, articles, stories and very rarely on personal experience and what we really know. It is very popular thought among guys that Czech girls are affordable and have liberate behavior, but in most cases we don’t know real truth and how it is going in reality. You have visited this page to get to know more information about these pretty women. If it was so easy and if you could know that all, it would be not needed to look up for the new information on the web; but since you are already here and trying to read this all, welcome to the magic world of Czech girls, whom you are trying to explore better.

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