Family traditions in Serbia

In Serbia people understand as well as possible how important it is that there are always close people nearby. In this country people had to go through a lot of things and that is why since childhood children have been brought up in love, warmth and understanding of how important it is that close people always remain together and there was mutual understanding in the family. The Serbian family usually does not have more than two or three children and the first child in the family appears quite early. In Serbia the upbringing of children is begun when the child is only at the mother’s abdomen. It is believed that even at this time the child can already perceive all that he is told. Future mothers begin to talk with their babies, tell them tales and sing songs. In Serbia people know many very beautiful traditional songs and the Serbs themselves sing a lot, so the child must know and hear the beauty of national songs even before his birth.

The birth of a child is a holiday in any family and in Serbia it is also specific celebration to which relatives, friends and relatives are invited and all this is accompanied by rituals. No less sumptuous are the first birthday of the baby, his first tooth and the first step, as well as the christening. In some villages these rituals are still used for each of these events, but in cities in most cases it is simply customary to celebrate all these events at a table with friends and relatives and give gifts to the child.

Virtually all Serbian women are breastfeeding their children until they are one year old. However, in the past, children were usually not weaned from the breast even up to five years, especially if the child was sick or had weak immunity.

For Serbs the birth of a boy is preferable to a girl who is perceived as a stranger. Boys are continuers of the clan, fathers can be proud of the fact that their clan will not die and that the son will continue the male line. After birth boys are even put on their father’s shirt. Read also: Serbian woman gets perfect match to be American wife

Education of children Serbs treat differently than most of other nations. Children do not feel parental strictness; they are more free and can do whatever they want. For children there is almost no such thing as the daily routine, when you need to get up or go to bed at a certain time, eat or go for a walk. The cause of this education is the Serbian women themselves, who are very soft and calm in character.

Mothers in Serbia can not stay very long with the baby, because the leave to take care of the child lasts for one year. It is possible to extend it to three years, but the next two years are not paid by the state, unless the employer wants to provide payment for parental leave. However, most women go to work after child gets one year old. Grandmothers and grandfathers in this case become nannies until the child reaches the age when he can be given to a kindergarten.

If the Serbian family goes abroad for work and stays there permanently, the relatives try to visit family as often as possible in order not to lose family ties. The whole family is necessarily going to family holidays, such as weddings, christenings, and the birth of children.

Christening is one of the most solemn holidays in Serbia. The godparents are chosen from neighbors or friends, but not relatives. It can even be the child’s godparents.

There is such a belief that the child will be engaged in his life the same profession as his godfather and so the godfather is chosen very carefully. It should be a respected person who has a prestigious job and a good profession. The godparents become family members and very often they can come to visit their godson and give him gifts.

Children in Serbia live with their parents until they can begin live independently and become financially independent. The daughter leaves the parental house when she is getting married.

However, even after children have their own families and own kids they continue to listen to what their parents advice them. Parents are always ready to help and support their children, even if they are already “fully standing on their feet” and live on their own. Read also: What causes high popularity of Serbian women among Americans

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