Family relations in Bolivia

Men and women in Bolivia are very natural and original, partly because Bolivia itself is the most Indigenous country. When you walk down the street you will see a lot of people in national Indigenous costumes, as well as various colorful Indigenous flags everywhere. Therefore, families in Bolivia have a patriotic shade.
The family in Bolivia is such a unique combination of traditions and customs of the two clans, from the side of the husband and from the side of the wife. And in a country that can boast so much antiquity, it can not be otherwise. After all, the rich, ancient and mysterious culture of Bolivia is known all over the world.

Families in Bolivia can not be called calm. If the husband and wife begin to argue or to find out who is right and who is wrong, then they will be heard all over the district. By the way, Bolivian women do not care what the surrounding people will think or say about their house or family. They are what they are, without retouching and embellishment. The rebellious spirit is imbibed by them with the mother’s milk, and there is nothing to be done about it.

A man in a Bolivian family is not always faithful and it happens that he gets a love affair on the side. But in family house Bolivian man will never humiliate and insult his wife. The women of Bolivia do not tolerate humiliations and insults. Perhaps that is why Bolivia has registered the largest number of political coups in the last hundred years.

Families in Bolivia are quite religious. They can get along with the Catholic religion and ancient Indian beliefs. This is a holy subject for Bolivians.

In general, the Bolivian family leaves a feeling of peaceful atmosphere between people. The manifestation of aggression and malice is not characteristic of Bolivian families. Although many families live rather poorly and the people have enough to worry about. Bolivian families are mostly strong, divorces here are extremely rare.

Children for Bolivians – this is the basis of family values. In Bolivia, everything is done with children. Women and children are inseparable. In the markets, children crawl right on the floor under their mother’s feet, in the hostels the maids do the cleaning with a child hanging in a special local bag behind her. By the way, a few years ago in Bolivia, a law was passed banning women from abortions. There are exceptions, but there are very few of them.

Bolivian family can have a lot of problems, but such cohesion, love, friendship between its members in the world can no longer be found.

In Bolivia, gender inequality is clearly expressed, as literacy among men is at an average level for South America, but for women this figure is much lower, there are few chances for a woman to get a job. That is why women here are mostly housewives, and men contain families.

Very interesting how Bolivians refer to guests in their houses, where the guest is given separate cutlery, a place, thus emphasizing his exclusivity in its house. It is true that certain requirements are imposed on the guests. For the Bolivian family it is very important that their guest respects Bolivia, its way of life and traditions. They are very categorical and never will forgive bad attitude to their nation.

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