False myths and stereotypes about Romanian women

If one day you decided to conquer the heart of Romanian woman, you have to know as much about her as you can. In such case you have much more chances to gain her attention and get positive reflection.

It is sometimes very hard to understand where the actual truth about Romanian girls is and where are some wrong ideas. Dating sites give ideas Romanian women are the best and show their pluses only. Some are non-objectively cruel and even rude to Romanian women and describe them as extremely easy to approach. Every woman is different and ideas to pick up might not work on some or on almost all. Many articles just copy the information or show and remind again about popular stereotypes connected with Romanian women. To be objective is hard, as you have to take into consideration sometimes too biased opinion of native Romanians and skeptic views of westerners.

Is it true that all Romanian girls are easy? I would say it is rather stereotype than truth. The things I have learned in Romania show these pretty women as any normal woman would like to have nice family and good husband who is able to support and protect if there is a need. They also want to be sure in the day of tomorrow and for this reason they often choose strong, wealthy men as the country is poor and poorness is the thread to family and decreases the ability of kids to survive; I guess it is kind of subconscious thing of Romanian girls to choose wealthy man.

Do not think if Romania is poor country, every girl would jump on you as you are the foreigner and ask you to spend night with her and take her for the wife to wealthy UK or US next day. Not only is the beauty what distinguishes Romanian women. They are intelligent and most of them, unlike women of West, attend and graduate Universities.

Romanian does not mean gypsy as most of people in Europe think. Of course, there is mixture of some blood according to close area of co-living, but still Roma’s live within their groups mostly and Romanians are not them.

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People in Romania are nice and the country is not doom and dark. There are very nice landscapes, beautiful nature, including forests, mountains and the sea; Romania is very versatile and is not dark land from vampire tails.

Romanian women are nice interlocutors, but to know them better you have to know more about Romanian culture, at least some major things like: Romania was the main country in the region for many years in the past; people are proud of their great history and keep to the traditions (mostly older people that youth, though); most of Romanians are orthodox Christians and there is one more fact they keep to the traditions.

Many Romanian women have great, enormous spiritual world, that is hard to understand and hard to describe. I mean real normal women, not silly young ladies, ready to spend night for the bottle of beer. Inner world of “normal” Romanian girl is deep and the main idea of which is there are much important things like soul, spirit and spiritual world than just some material things. If you feel you understand Romanian woman without a word and you both are on “one wave” and you spell the same common words at once, want to say the same things in one moment – that is it! That is this spiritual connection I am telling you about and this is much more important to Romanian woman than money. Many Romanian women got used to live in poverty so they are not afraid of it. They just need a spiritual connection with beloved man, who would be always near, understanding her problems, helping to fight with difficulties, understanding her. This man will go with her to church to have a church wedding and this is very important in Orthodox tradition, as such marriage is considered as blessed in the sky. With such man Romanian woman would eagerly raise children in faith with God and love. Romanian women who have serious ideas for future would not pay attention to selfish westerners who came to Romania with the aim to use pretty girls, as they are rich men with Pounds or Euros in the pocket.

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