Facts which will tell you this Moldovan woman is your soulmate

You really gonna feel this and believe me you don’t need to have any other tips, advises and information. The thing which people call “the call of your heart” is the best helper when it is going about choosing girlfriend for serious relationships. Just think about the word “soulmate”, the semantics and the root here is the SOUL and you really do not need any advisors to decide if particular girl is the only one or not. You will feel that and that’s it. If you have a lot of doubts – she is not the only one for you, but for someone else. Pretty simple as you can see so far. But if you still want to know some facts which vividly and directly show you whether Moldovan girl you like is your soulmate or not we will try to help you with this.


If you want to hear something from her during the day and silence is torment it means you really like her.

If when she rights or calls you and you feel happy this means she is your type.

If you plan to spend more time with her and want to please her, to make her presents, to be with her as long as possible this means you may love her.

If when she rights you something you do not like you feel upset or pissed – she calls strong emotions inside of you and it means she is not indifferent for you.

IMPORTANT: if you want just to hold her, to kiss her, to sleep with her in one bed, but just to sleep or to watch movie – this is it, BUT if you want only sex, she is not your soulmate and you will quickly be bored with her and forget about her, BUT if you want her and want all written above like hugs and movies – this is GREAT, you are normal guy and she might be your soulmate with high possibility, IF you just want sex you are also normal guy, but she is not the only one, she is one of many or something like that.


If she writes you and calls you for no reason and tries to get in contact with you any possible time and way – this is it.

If she looks at you all the time or very often when you appear at the same room and if you often catch her eyes on you – this is it.

If she agreed to go to the skating rink, cinema, a walk, whatever with you – this is it.

If she comes closer to you and tries to make you pay attention on her when there are some other girls near – this is it.

YOUR COMMON FEELINGS TO OBSERVE (This is the most important, because KEY word here is MUTUAL contact)

If you talk with her about all and anything at once for hours – this is it.

If you both have great time together and want to spend more – this is it.

If you bring excitement, joy, positive feelings to each other – this is it.

If you understand each other as if you knew each other for long years – this is it.

If language barrier and cultural differences are just minor misunderstandings when you are both together – this is it.

If for three months or more you don’t see each other because of the distance and still dream about each other, love each other and tell each other about this – this is it.

If you both imagine common life often and often and all your plans are made to make future common living and life possible – this is it.

As you understand, this is only small list of features of behavior which show you have great possibilities to be together with Moldovan girl you like as she likes you the same way or more. Mutual sympathy has to be always and within the time it is transformed a little, of course, but still it is passion, interest, love and magnetic feeling to your beloved one. Especially you feel this when after some period when you split because of work or long journey of some of you. Then you may surely tell she is your soulmate.

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