Facts about Icelandic women

As you know, Iceland is called the land of ice and fire and so this comparison could be used for those beautiful Icelandic women as well. Common stereotype is they are rather tall and have light color of hair and blue or grey eyes, and this is stereotype only partially, as there is grain of truth in these words. Why ice? What could be more gorgeous as glacier, shining on the Sun? Such a great, but calm power. The same with Icelandic women, who are gorgeous, great looking in the light of dawning sun… Tell me please, women of what other country in the world are more beautiful? Why fire? Not taking into consideration the fact they are calm at first, they are very communicative, sociable and able to blow up your mind. When you hang out with Icelandic woman, you have lots of fun and she’s really the one, able to burn real fire in your heart, in your bed and that is what you gonna remember for a long time.

Lifetime of Icelanders is one of the highest in the world and for Icelandic women it is 81.3 years. They know how to be fit and have a great shape and health. Such body conditions allow them to have long passionate nights with men and be ready for that, as for now no one knows, what exactly makes them to live so long. Maybe active way of live and quality of sex is one of the reasons? As for me, I am sure it has great influence. You know, Iceland is a small country, where almost everyone knows each other, so if you are foreigner and some day visited Iceland; for sure you will be a person of interest for hot Icelandic girls. Of course, they won’t jump on you on the street, as many wrongly think so, but choose the right place for meeting, like bar or club, behave freely and sociably and you will find your dream of the night. Believe me, foreigner is always noticeable for locals and this works well in case with Icelandic hotties as well, so, relax, don’t be shy and take the most in this nice North Country.

Unlike most countries, Iceland is known for its strong-willed women. This is probably the only country in which women see no point to fight for their rights, because they have enough anyway. All their life Icelandic women have more power over men, who are although confident, by the way, but are known as very weak in terms of family life.

For centuries women in Iceland shall assume the entire most difficult work and can easily handle the farm-management and education of children and are able to manage the entire house. The reason for this female behavior was that Icelandic men most of their life spent at sea and the women had to cope alone with all concerns.

Naturally, women became more severe and rigid nature and so the men were forced to accept the fact that women in Iceland have become more powerful sex than themselves. In addition, Icelandic men live much less than women, life expectancy for men is not as big as for women.

As a result, the country’s many single mothers raise children without a husband and a fairly large percentage of children were born outside marriage in general. Parent families are common to Iceland.

Despite the fact that men in Iceland are considered weak, Women in Iceland still prefer to marry just for Icelandic men because they cannot afford to let man be the family chief. It is kind of national habit, when there have always been weak men around. Looking at an Icelandic man you will never say that he is a weak person who is managed by wife as she would need. Typical Icelandic man is confident, physically strong, knows his worth and can take a few minutes to solve any problem if necessary.

Sometimes it is unclear, why women treat their husbands with such contempt. Maybe, because of the fact all what is made by hands of Icelandic men does not have long life. Even many years ago, when Iceland began construction of bridges and streets, those same bridges could fall down, just right after they were built. That is why, women in Iceland believe there is no sense in the house from man as they needed to do everything themselves. Girls in Iceland believe the only thing men are able to do well is fishing.

On the one hand we can envy women in Iceland, because they almost never faced with such a problem as discrimination against women, when they only get restrictions and prohibitions. But on the other hand, women are tired to do all the house work instead of man, and, after all, every woman still needs attention, kindness and care.

Due to the fact that parents spend a long time outside the home, the mother is constantly busy working around the house and on the farm; children are often left to themselves and can do anything they want for a long time.

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