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Estonian women are of Baltic type, but they have special peculiar traits which only Estonian women have. We usually start with appearance as it is what men are interested in the most (at least when they see the girl for the first time). Pretty face with open features is what makes Estonian women memorable, especially when combining these features with deeply blue eyes, as predominantly most of Estonian girls have blue eyes, as I have noticed.

Next important feature you probably want to know is figure or body shape of average Estonian woman. And here it is getting harder, because Estonian women could be divided into two categories – these who keep to healthy way of life and do fitness activities and sports and those who have taken the worst of Western civilization like fast-food and sated laziness. Now you might assume the first type always looks great and has slim figure and the second type is rather obese – but no, the thing is in Estonian genome and very often you may see pretty Estonian girl with gorgeous figure eating burgers almost every day and fat girl running every morning. It depends mostly on genes and this is the main part of success, but sport, food and way of life also give their impact on figures of Estonian girls. However, there are many Estonian girls who have slim figure and this percentage is still huge, comparing, for example, to Western Europe.

Hair. What I like about Estonian women that many of them have long strait hair, which is of light Scandinavian tone, I would say. Together with blue eyes pretty face long hair makes Estonian girls so feminine and… desirable.

If we are talking about traits of Estonian women it would be good to talk about character. Most Estonian girls know exactly what they want from life. They have strong character which leads them to the aim. And their aim is pretty simple – full life within happy family.

Estonian women, especially young generation, speak fluent English according to the fact that many are going abroad for labor migration and the rest are going to go. English is taught at schools, on different language courses, because this is basic language to get success in life as it is known in Estonia.

Separate paragraph I would like to devote to sex tourism in Estonia. Many men from Western countries, from Scandinavia are coming to Estonia to find an easy targets. This, of course, has changed the attitude of Estonian girls toward foreigners, including those who speak English. MOST of Estonian women are looking for serious relations and reliable partner, but not for one night stand experience with unknown guy, who is usually old, bad mannered and treated as non complete, base guy who is not interesting for women at his home country. Coming to Estonia many foreigners are trying to fight with inner complexes and prove themselves they are ‘the men’ by converting their money to attention of special type of Estonian girls whose professional activity is to sleep with foreigners for money. But it is only small amount of Estonian girls who do that and there are such girls in every country. So you don’t have to treat all Estonian girls like that after reading some next article which tells us how easy Estonian girls are. You can’t make stereotypes about whole nation judging just from few stories on the Internet. For more or less clear picture you have to visit Estonia and live there for period of time not less than a year, but even then it would be only your personal experience.

To sum up I would warn you from making stereotypes again. You can get some general imagination about appearance, way of behavior and traits of Estonian women character, but it would be only some general info which has tones of exceptions because every girl is individual person and as many girls there are in Estonia as many books and articles we can write about each of them – such versatile and individual every girl and woman is, with her own style, look, views for life and traits of character. The best way to explore Estonian woman traits of character is to personally meet (or better start dating) Estonian girl.

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