Estonian girls marry foreigners

Although there is statistic that Estonian women are getting married to foreigner, but I would not say it is massive phenomenon. Estonia is small country, but women of this country are known as remote personalities, hard to reach. There are many girls in Estonia who work in model industry and average impression is just amazing; probably I have never seen so many beautiful girls located in one square mile.

Estonian women dating foreigners and are marrying foreign guys because it is thought that Estonian men are not attractive and there is many written about this on the Internet; so, if you are good looking foreigner from prosperous country you surely have a chance for Estonian woman, maybe even for marriage. There are some advices you may use only your appearance if you are handsome man and get Estonian woman, but I don’t really believe appearance is enough; besides you have to interest her somehow, maybe with funny jokes, maybe by the fact you are foreigner or maybe just by speaking English.

By the way, the level of English of Estonian girls is pretty high; young generation speaks pretty good English so you will not have any problems if you want to know the girls closer and at the beginning to start your conversation.

Estonian women are created more for family relations than for quick sex unlike, for example, American girls; when Estonian woman is dating you but there was no close contact for long time it does not mean she does not like you, she is just waiting for some time to make sure your intentions are serious. Estonian women keep to the traditions and also this country was for long time in Soviet Union, country where there was no sexual revolution and as the state officials declared there was no sex at all; and this also made impact on outlook of Estonian generation. Yes, women of Estonia are rather created for marriage than for quick one night relations.

Most of Estonian girls who marry foreigners are pretty and they know it and try to exchange this beauty for material welfare; very often they are getting married to older foreigners and not only foreigners, but rich Estonian aged men; so here in Estonia it is considered normal, unlike in America where people prefer to date and marry representatives of their generation. Even if there are problems that appear on generation gap and cross-cultural misunderstanding this does not scare those Estonian girls who marry foreign guys and move to live abroad. Estonian women will astonish you! Read also: Why Estonian girls are desirable girlfriends?

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  1. habibur rahman says:

    need a women/girl to marry. age : 34-38 is better, i’m from Dhaka, Bangladesh. my dob : 20 april 1981, post graduate under national university. height : 62 inch

  2. Prakash Chhetri says:

    I want marry someone from Estonia

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