English men – what are they?

What any average woman in the world is interested in the most? That’s right; many women are interested in man. Surely, some of you, dear women, had the desire to get to know a true Englishman. But what is he made of, that real Englishman?

First of all, they do not like the initiatives of women in a relationship; unlike unfortunately do many men in the world. In England, a man is calling girl out on a date, he proposes to start a relationship, and he makes an offer without hints. Many men would do well to learn.

Men of England are quite good-natured, they are happy to help if needed. Like all Englishmen, they are conservative, restrained with emotions and gallant; and of these qualities they are very proud. English man can be recognized by a popular English male name. What can little surprise you in Englishman is constant consistency and moderation in all things. The British do not quarrel over trifles, never show jealousy (why to waste time if you’re still together?) and continually refine all the details. If he is unfamiliar with something and it is unknown to him, be prepared for the sheer bewilderment of Englishman.

Men in England are looking at life as at computer program. All actions must be clearly programmed and debugged, and in life everything has to be like that, to be on points. They are like that partially due to education; in the U.k. they educate boys since early childhood in the atmosphere where there no things which can spoil a boy, impose many requirements, sometimes very serious requirements.

British men love respectful wooing, making it elegant and in a beautiful way. They give gifts to beloved parts and present flowers, but it is only after a period of meetings, dating, of course, not immediately. If suddenly she is not suitable as a girl for him, if she is not the one, – Englishman practicality prevents wasting money in this case. But when it is going about marriage, British men are usually not in a hurry. Everything is simple in this case; as to create family in the U.K. you need a good income, life there is expensive, so they are getting married only with those whom they are full of confidence. It is quite reasonable, I must admit. Read also: What customs and traditions of marriage ceremony existed in England?

In England there is a little bit strange for foreign girls custom when on a first date a man pays the whole bill, and on the other through dating check is usually divided in half (no matter is it a restaurant in a small town in rural England or an expensive nightclub in London). By the way, if you began a relationship with an English guy, do not wait that Saturday night you will spend together. According to tradition, Friday and Saturday are days of the time for purely male get-togethers with friends. Therefore, if a man suddenly will call girl for a date on Saturday, all surrounding guys would decide that he has no real friends. At first, such a division of days of the week can be a bit annoying, because the girl wants constant attention. And the man-Englishman weekly is on output with friends in a pub on Saturday.

Unlike many men of the world, male gender in England is more closed, when dealing with strangers. If in many countries in bars two absolutely unfamiliar men can discuss over a beer its new car or ex-wife, in England this is almost impossible; they are ready to discuss with strangers only secular themes, and the conversation will be unemotional; they will not have to interrupt even hearing the obvious lie. Although for many it may seem a plus. That is whom they appear, these British men in particular. To understand them completely, you need to communicate a lot and for a long time with them, but in any case all the features of the character are just impossible not notice.

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