Do Icelandic women marry foreigners?

I guess more correct would be to ask whether women from Iceland are eager to marry foreign guys. Because if to answer shortly whether Icelandic women marry foreigners or no than the answer would be – YES, they do. And that’s it. But I guess you are interested not only with direct answer. What if even one out of more than 200 thousand Icelandic women has already got married with foreigner we can say there is the fact that they actually marry foreigners. But what are possibilities that Icelandic woman would join her life with the guy from overseas? Let us see.

As we know, Icelandic women are demanding and have strong character so if they got in love with the guy and want to conduct official marriage with him they definitely will, no matter he is foreigner or not. If Icelandic woman feels so comfortable with foreign man that she would like to join their lives then why not? Iceland is very open community in terms of personal freedom and personal choice so possibility of marriage with foreigner is pretty high.

One more reason why Icelandic woman could go for marriage with foreigner is pretty small Icelandic community. Some Icelandic women are just bored with local guys and want something new; some would like after marriage move to the country of husband’s origin; some feel the instinct which says that future progeny would be stronger if the genes of both parents differ a lot. Read also: Successful story of American man who has married Icelandic woman

Icelandic women are very unique type and it is very unusual to have relations with them. Not every foreign guy is ready to be in marriage with Icelandic woman. Western guys are more get used to women’s emancipation and freedom of choice, for example, when woman starts wooing man or acts first. They also are ready to share different types of duties with their woman. But this would be unusual, hard to understand and even unbearable for men from Eastern countries or Asia where man got used to be the head of the family and have obedient woman near. Eastern type of man has no chances ever to become Icelandic woman’s husband.

The problem for you as the foreigner might be that Icelandic girl you are dating with and even live together might not want marriage at all, but not marriage with you because you are foreigner. Many Icelandic women treat common living as the best practice of co-existence with man. They like to get what they want from common relations but at the same time they appreciate personal freedom most of all. If you have met such a girl it might be hard or even impossible to persuade her taking officially registered marriage. She does not see any sense in it and her arguments are that you feel great together anyway, you enjoy each other, you have deep relations and love so you don’t need anything else for happiness. Her arguments are logical and if you start prove your point of view she might listen to you attentively, but her decision will be her will. That is the way she see your common life, that is the way she wants it to be and there is no other option. If you start arguing you may just spoil everything and this will be the start of your relations ending. It does not mean you have to be afraid to express your opinion, – no. It is going about the thing that she has her own point of view and she would not change it most of all. The only reason when Icelandic woman might agree for official marriage (if she was against it before) is when you plan to have a baby. Then she might want to register official marriage that in case of divorce you both have responsibility for future child upbringing.

As you see, this is not an easy question when you can say Icelandic women marry foreigners or no. Some of them do, some of them do not, but if it is your personal case you have to judge on your Icelandic woman. If it is important to you to have official marriage, explain her why describing all details and peculiarities. If your Icelandic girlfriend has feelings she might make an exception, but if she would not like to have official marriage she will explain you why – this is for sure. In any situation there is a place for a compromise.

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