Are Belarusian girls go with foreigner for a cocktail and why Belarusian men do not satisfy them?

Svetlana met her future husband on the internet. Girl has registered on the dating site without far-reaching plans. She was not going to marry. When Azgyur wrote her a message, the fact he was Muslim and Turkish did not confuse her. Azgyur later admitted that he was looking for not serious relations on the Internet, but after communicating to Svetlana he felt in love and lost his head. Their relations developed rapidly: daily conversations on Skype delayed until the morning.

After month of remote communication Azgyur decided to come to Belarus. He came down of the plane with a gorgeous bouquet of roses, it’s probably bribed her. The first visit was brief and less than in a week he went back to Turkey. In a week of endless conversations on Skype, lovers understood this is not a fleeting affair.

The next visit to Minsk was longer. Romance grew into love. Svetlana took for himself a very serious decision – to get married. After all, each of them have already had experience of family relations behind, and a very serious difference in age did not stop them either.

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To Svetlana’s decision to marry a Turkish citizen parents reacted calmly, their daughter is adult girl and she knows what she is doing, – parents thought. The question about moving to Istanbul, Turkey, was not even considered. Here in Minsk Svetlana had interesting status job, friends, parents. Wedding was also celebrated in the Belarusian capital. Azgyur was forced to leave the job at home and moved to Minsk. In the newly-created family no one considered such a step as sacrifising. After all, the man creates a family for himself, and if you face the truth, the girl was not asked. Almost half a year Svetlana could not to take her husband’s name, because she was in fears and thoughts.

When the daughter was born, there were no disputes how to name the baby. Girl was named Marian, and in short the girl was baptized. Azgyur, adult and formed as an individual man, believes that it is necessary to hold the cultural traditions and customs of the country in which you live.

Svetlana’s deep conviction is that Belarus men do not appreciate Belarus women, and the bulk of them relate to women as consumers.

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