Do Belarus women have the right to polygamy?

To be honest many do not believe in monogamy. No, of course, there are different people: monogamous, frigid or a saint with a halo over the head. But, in fact, any long-term relationship sooner or later lead to the fact that someone of the partners would like to try another partner. I believe the illusion and magic that two people can over twenty years of experience have the same degree of sexual desire to each other. Therefore, monogamy is self-deception, the cell in which Belarusian people are planting themselves. If you possess the temperament and love to have sex, it is obvious that after ten years of marriage, you would like the other person, because then your partner becomes explored path, eliminating frustrating, safe, but you got used ti it and that is devoid of adrenaline, giving pleasure. For many people this is the meaning of family life, and the other are not given the ability to eat one strawberry whole life and enjoy it like the first time. If you ask couples frankly did it happen if they had sexual desire for other people, the answer is yes.

It is easier for free people as they can sleep with just anyone, explaining their behavior to curious by searching a suitable mate. In marriage everything is different. After giving the oath of allegiance to anyone, especially women, do not want to disrupt the oath. The first years of rough sex seems that it will always be like that, quirk and chills, all these awkward postures on a washing machine and a window sill, until one day you notice that everything becomes quieter. And behind decades of Union you notice your spouse often looks at other women. I remember the first year of marriage and think is it possible to repeat? Start to try all sorts of things, from a nurse suit to velvet handcuffs, combining it all with warm scented bath in the evenings and attempts to portray at least some striptease. After playing, you realize that it is better as it is, a quick try, until the child is sleeping or alarm did not beep. Especially, you know exactly what to click, where to kiss, to start the engine at full power, and you were both good. Without games, monotonous simulated preludes and vulgar words. But the thirst for novelty and LPs tingling persists.

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Of course, there are women who are capable for years until old age to want just one man. Thoughts about the change of partner cause these ladies only aversion, and everyone who walks the path of adultery, should betray the sacred fire of the Inquisition. When you love sex, you know that feeling in the toes barbs gives a new partner. Without hypocrisy and morality.

A woman may want sex outside marriage. It is more accustomed to speak of male polygamy. Ladies are excluded from this rule motivated by maternal instinct, on religious grounds, moral values, in short, everyone came up with reasons why women may not want to have sex with different men. Hint of female polygamy in todays Belarusian society means to get nymphomaniac diagnosis. In his book “Why We Need Men” Janusz Wisniewski quotes writer Valerie Tasso “Nymphomania is just a fudge of notorious men who could not cope with the women, the level of whose libido was above the average.” I’d like to agree. The woman hung a whole slew of labels. All these ridiculous sayings about locks and keys, the postulates of holiness and purity of the body are just a ridiculous attempt to tie the hands of a woman and her sexuality. Despite the fact that almost every representative of the stronger sex in bed dreams of having a wife-whore. These are mutually exclusive qualities wife has to be a saint, but a prostitute for her spouse. But it is obvious you can become a good lover, having at least three or four partners. Variability, you know, is important.

One friend shared experiences. Her marriage was strong and happy, to some extent indicative to all others. But she confessed to me that once in her life came a man to whom she felt a strong attraction. “It was a passion, lust, chemistry, call it what you want. No love and desire to be together, we were attracted by each other as we were magnets. The very thought of treason was disgusts to me. But such a meetings happen in the life, when you are full of sexual energy to another person, and the question arises: Is it so bad? ” We are so deeply immersed in dogma imposed by society, religion, that do not notice as one of the most beautiful and natural processes we elevated to the rank of indecent and filthy. Leaving little space for men, relying on their biological task inseminate more females. Women are perceived as a free handy application that belongs to one user.

If you look around, in our Belarus environment there are a lot of couples where the wife had a relationship on the side. Personally know of such examples as a simple physical attraction. Only sadness is that if it become disclosure to their husbands, the marriage will end. Maybe this state of affairs is an absurd nonsense? If people realized the simple truth of polygamy, there were more happy unions ? But no, they are treated to each other, modified and re-offended again and again. Frustrated that there is no love, and they go to the winds, tearing sometimes very good family. Continuing the quote Valerie Tasso – I watched Spanish film based on her script, “Diary of a Nymphomaniac”, where sounded a phrase: “If a man has had a lot of women, he is called the macho, if a woman has a lot of men she is called her a whore. So much for equality of the sexes.” Statement of woman that she craves sexual overtures, is perceived by inhabitants as a deviation, it sounds scary, and the only explanation fit in the head is that she is a whore. It turns out, the only bastion of high morality is loyalty and frigidity? And no one recognizes watching explicit movies at night, marveling at the fact that women are capable of such sex. These are double standards of the majority.

Men and their lovers. Monogamy is accepted by society as a constitution. Step left, step right is betrayal. The fact that men are polygamous by its “testosterone” male nature has been known long, but women continue to tame a man and get offended, if the husband casually looked at another woman. The simple fact that men by their nature have desire to many women can take few people only. With years of marriage this desire increases, and take it for granted – there will be no divorce, heartbreak and sadness. I had heard so much complaints from women about their husbands’ infidelity! Yes, some of them wife should have left not even for treason, but there are those who really were real guys. With working hands, smart head and a large capacity for work. Good fathers, as the most important thing. And what? After learning about the affair on the side, they became real enemies for their wives. Instantly negates all the good things they have done for the family just because of a natural instinct. Is sex that bad? Murder, theft, greed, indifference are these vices, which is worth fighting for, and fear. Surprised, when fact man is having sex with other woman perceives as the worst betrayal to his wife. When he does not pay child support for their children, left his wife and child on the street, unwillingness to be a support to his family, spending salary on alcohol – this is betrayal. And the instinctive desire to have close relations with a pretty girl, alas, the rate for men. It’s time to learn it and life will become easier and easier.

Here is the story of a friend. She has a wonderful husband, a house, a family. He is a caring, loves daughter and makes good money. Against the background of other men who do not want anything except beer and sofas, video games and zero attention to the children, her husband was ideal type. But in an instant everything collapsed when a friend accidentally discovered her husband has a lover. Husband became a bastard, was expelled from the house, banned to communicate with the daughter. It turns out better if he was rubbing his pants near the computer, was a bad father, but would not betrade. Polygamy is absolutely natural to man, and it’s time to pull it out of the shadows of convictions. Then it turns out that the most important thing is to find your part. Never mind all this nonsense about half, but just find someone with whom you are close, first of all, spiritually. To whom you can entrust your life, knowing that at the moment when all flies to hell, this man will be there. And stop suffering nervous reflection on the attraction to other partners.

Love as an aggravating circumstance. It is believed that if you love, you can not betrade. This is especially true for Belarusian women: she’s loyal as a dog, always at his feet and with slippers in his mouth. The truth is that life is very diverse and full of surprises. Sex with another man is not always an encroachment on your love. This is passion, electricity, rebellion. And, yes, couples are not deprived of this desire. No matter how strong were unions, physical attraction is always a little apart. It is also evident that the reasonable person, whether male or female, is not able to change lovers every day. In any case, for the majority it is always meeting, the spark and mutual interest.

But we continue to be worn with the idea that we all have a must for each other. Required to adhere, like leeches to the body tightly, without the possibility of peel. As a result, we get destroyed unions notorious people who can not understand that there is no perfect relationship. Physical attraction to someone other than your husband or wife must be cut off with a surgical blade of morality and perceived as the worst evil of promiscuity and debauchery. As if it makes someone happy.

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