Differences of Serbian and American women

Serbian women could be called quite submissive and obedient, especially when comparing with American women. Independence and personal freedom – are just newborn trends and only for young generation of Serbian society, elder women have never heard about that. The same with attitude towards men – the man is considered the head of the family, woman listens to what husband said etc. Could you imagine the same flow of things happening with American woman? Imagine telling American woman that her husband is somewhat superior to her, because she is wife – such thing would be considered offensive and inappropriate in modern democratic society with domination of freedom and liberty, but that is quite ok to the vast majority of Serbian women. Of course, this is widely used by American men who are looking for pretty hot and at the same time submissive housewives.

It might seem to average American that Serbian women are suffering from such life where they do not declare equal rights, but it is not true. Serbian women are happy to live family oriented life, because this is in their traditional upbringing and they are comfortable when such life flow. Serbian men prefer their women to go for work, but at the same time they want them to do house duties and rarely help them and this is ok with Serbian women. American woman would consider it domestic slavery. By the way, a good hint for Americans who have or would like to have Serbian wife – even if it is natural for Serbian wife to do all house duties, help her and you will see how much she would appreciate this.

Serbian woman is happy to have children and the only barrier is often low family income and that is why families in Serbia often have one child. In the U.S. the situation is different and here family could afford to have 2 or 3 kids, even though it is not easy materially, but not as tough as in Serbia. American women often refuse to have children and choose to live a life of personal development, pleasure and satisfaction and this trend becomes more popular in recent times. If there is a child in the family, Serbian woman pays her attention to child, by the way American husband might not like it because he could suffer from lack of attention the same as consider himself not taking equal part in child upbringing process – but here it is more about cultural differences of upbringing children in both cultures. American woman would rarely spend all her free time to child, demanding father also to take equal part in upbringing and she would also have a room for personal time and activities she likes and often it is solved by hiring babysitter what is very rare when considering Serbian family, where child is left with grandparents while mother is at work and after gaining age of 5 could already visit kindergarten. Read also: Serbian woman gets perfect match to be American wife

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