Differences between Guyanese and American women

If we mean appearance then American women are mixture of different cultures and nations and average American woman could look any possible way you could guess. Guyanese women’s ancestors were predominantly indigenous people who settled the territory of modern Guyana and Africans who were brought here by British. That is why typical appearance of Guyanese woman would be African type of woman or woman with Indigenous features and very small amount of European type of women unlike in the States where European type is one of the most widespread and has different national versatility.

If we compare Guyanese women with American in terms of character, behavior and outlook we will find big gap and difference here. Guyanese women live in poverty and are happy to have usual things they need and they are happy to have enough money to buy needed stuff like food, clothes, paying bills and cosmetics if there is such option. American woman would choose buying different stuff which she doesn’t really need and sometimes for one time use.

Guyanese women are more family oriented, obedient, accepting the guy is the head in relations. They are waiting for guy to conquer them. American women are emancipated, many state they could live without men and that men unfairly occupied all key positions in the society. Many American women would not like to have traditional family. Some choose to live alone or with child but without husband. American woman often chooses man herself by directly informing him she likes him.

Guyanese women are quite poor but happy with their life. Not that they are happy to work for small salary, but getting just right enough for life they know how to organize their small budget in such a way that to buy everything needed and also to make themselves small weekend break out party. American woman works hard, spends overtime hours at work, builds her career and gets reasonable salary but… she is not happy with her life, she visits psychologist and pays him great sum of earned salary to solve personal conflict and takes antidepressants.

Guyanese woman has goals which are pretty natural, let’s say so. Job, friends, dating, common happiness in marriage, kids and tries to be good beloved wife, great mother. She gets happy from the fact she has taken her natural place in this life. American woman also has goals, they are often tied with care, business and rarely go along with self development. Such women usually have late marriages, bunch of divorces, problems with alcohol or drugs and in old age stay alone. Their place in this world is unnatural, they have status and money, but services and stuff they buy brings happiness for short period of time or doesn’t bring at all. They lose harmony and balance and usually remain unhappy.

Guyanese women rarely practice meditation and many heard of it only on the TV. American women are overwhelmed and well informed about types of meditation, their practical use and valuable effects. Many use this practice in everyday life.

It is natural that women who live in different parts of the world, in different countries would have mental, cultural and other types of differences. The same in case with American and Guyanese women. It is important to understand there is no black and white or saying in other words it does not mean some women are good and some are bad, some are better in something and some are worse – no, it is just about every woman is different and therefore interesting, unique and worth to be called WOMAN.

Disclaimer: this post does not pretend to be general truth in any case. All the information here reflects personal and subjective point of view.

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