Differences between Chilean and American women

There obviously should be some mental differences between women from Chile and American women. Why is that so important to know? Maybe it is not that much important, but some men are interested because they want to imply this knowledge somehow into their life and there you go seeing where it could be useful. There are many reasons why American men are trying to find out not only what are the differences between American and Chilean women, but they also gather all possible general information about Chile and feminine representatives of the state. Ability to use this knowledge could be handful for some Americans who visit Chile in business or as the country where they could have rest and as the sweetest part of the trip there could be getting in touch with pretty local Chilean women.

The actual mental difference between woman from Chile and woman from the USA is not that big. Women of Chile are quite feminine, but almost the same degree feministic as American. Of course, it is not good to think stereotypically about all American or Chilean women, but in general Chilean women are… demanding. That would be correct word in this case. Most of women both in Chile and in the U.S. respect their own dignity and demand equal rights with men. If you are visiting Chile hoping to find pretty girl who is ready to serve you and doing her “woman’s duties” Chile is not the country you are looking for. For this case maybe Peru or Paraguay would be more suitable.

If you are looking for date with Chilean woman she would rarely agree to go for a date only for the fact you are foreigner unlike in many other South American countries. You have to be interesting person and if you show the correct intense and use proper jokes and stuff she would agree and that would be more her choice and her decision than yours; you show initiative and she is going to decide whether this is interesting to her or not. As you see, there is not much difference between American and Chilean women. Read more: Are Chilean women good option for American to marry

We were talking about mostly mental differences, but almost forgot about appearance. Well, if to compare this side Chilean women definitely win and that is because of their shape. You won’t see as much obese women in Chile as you see in the USA. Cuisine in Chile is different than in the U.S. and gastronomical culture is different as well and all of these surely influences on the figure of people. It seems like Chilean women already genetically pass their good shape unlike American women, but that is only personal assumption that has no ground under, so, please, don’t be offended. In General women in Chile are prettier than women in the U.S. If you don’t think it is truth, visit Chile and check it yourself, although my opinion is very subjective. And by the word “pretty” I mean not only they have nice slim figure, they also have nice pretty faces and have something unique. America is the melting pot of cultures, but Chile is the mixture of cultures as well.

If with mental similarity of Chilean and American women we found it a little more clear, type of character and social attitude are still under the question. Again, we are talking about whole society in general, because personal differences are versatile from one woman to another and there is no way to generalize it somehow. So, girls in Chile are able to react quickly with this inherited hot Latina temperament. Sometimes it might even seem to you that Chilean woman is yelling at her husband, but actually she is not. It is her temperament, type of character and passion that hides under European look and as the result – the way to explicit her emotions. In general Chilean women are more emotional than their American counterparts. Read also: Qualities of Chilean women

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