Did something changed with Moldovan girls? Visit of 2018

As far as being connoisseur of beautiful women I have already visited many specific and non-specific, ordinary or usual countries in the world. Must say that I like women of every continent with special love. I mean, I have special approach to every country, every woman and even every region of particular country. Nice tanned Brazilian hotties make me feel butterflies in my stomach just after I landed in Rio de Janeiro National Airport. Small, petite and little severe at first look, but amazingly cute Japanese women are actually very hot… and what sounds they make in the bed! Even old fart would have a boner from that sound! Japanese beauty is very different from Brazilian, but what I like the most, it is Europe. Not the continent, but European women. I am not talking about such countries as Austria or Belgium, when I visit Europe I always choose Moldova (very rare – Ukraine).

You would probably ask me – Why Moldova? The answer is very simple – being real women connoisseur, according to my own observations and years of experience there is whole bunch of factors that would make you choose exactly Moldova and Moldovan women when it is going about search of pretty and accessible girls.

When I visited Moldova for the first time, it was 2011. The country seemed really poor, but I have found many interesting places over there, it looked like average European country, but with some reminding of the communist past. People were nice, girls were hot, pretty much eager to communicate with foreigner (but with poor level of English if not to say worse), and pieces were so damn cheap! I thought – this is where man’s paradise on Earth is – Moldova! In 2011 I have had pretty fun time in Moldova and got acquainted pretty close with 7 or 8 Moldovan girls. Their aim was to go to bed with me because they had hope that later some of them could become my wife or at least girlfriend and I would take her away from Moldova with me. Yes, I used naïve Moldovan girls, maybe tricked them, but they let me to do it themselves, I almost was making no efforts. I was sitting, talking, buying drinks – that’s it! In 2018 I came here to Moldova to check did something changed and mostly because I remember warm atmosphere of 2011 and I must confess – I would like to repeat it once more.

This time I visited Moldovan girls in cold February, 2018 My first observations were that country is really poor and it seemed to me there are less pretty girls on the streets as it used to be in 2011. As I got explained later by one local guy, almost a half of Moldovans have Romanian passports which allow them to work in the European Union as EU citizens and they actively use this chance. Also those who have Moldova passport could use it for entering EU without visa for three months in half a year period. They use this chance as well. So, most of pretty and active Moldovan girls left Moldova for West, for EU and not only successfully work there, but dating and marrying local guys in France, Italy, Germany, Poland.

What I decided to do in Moldova this time? I decided to follow the same scenario as I did the last time. I took luxurious hotel room in one of the best hotels in Chisinau and went to the club. Standard drinking, chat, laughs and I caught the first fish to my net. Next morning she was in my hotel. But she quickly woke up, drank some champagne left from yesterday and… escaped. Wow. This time it was weird as she didn’t try to persuade me to take her with me abroad. What else has changed in Moldova? Prices. It definitely became more expensive. Well, for average Westerner it is still cheap, but it is not like it was in 2011 for sure. I will say that for the night in Moldovan club I have spent about $300. It is huge sum of money for average Moldovan, it is more that a month salary there!

What conclusions I can make about Moldova 2018 and women in Moldova? Very controversial. It is still relatively cheap. Winter is not a good season to visit the country. Everything seems gloomy and grey and dark. Girls are pretty, but those in the clubs are annoying especially when they get to know you are foreigner. It is pretty easy to use them as they want it themselves in vast majority. If earlier they were doing it more for some hope, for possibility to find husband, now it seemed to me they are doing it for… having fun time, so you to buy drinks, provide alcohol and all they need is just a party where you are a sponsor. I must tell, this is only my subjective opinion and if you don’t like or don’t accept it – it is up to you.

Would I marry Moldovan woman? It depends. Definitely I would not marry one of those Moldovan club girls as I use them for different aims. But if I find some descent pretty Moldovan girl, maybe from small town or rural area, and we would have mutual understanding and communication I would definitely give a chance to get married to such Moldovan woman.

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